How to Choose the Right Cable Service for You

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Choosing the best cable provider for your viewing pleasure is a challenge if you don’t know where to start. With so many providers and options to pick, you may get discouraged and settle on a bad match. Keep the following five points in mind as you weigh your cable options.

Your Entertainment Needs

Before you can really start looking into cable packages and channel offerings, you must decide what entertainment needs are most important for you and your family. Knowing what services you’ll use can help you save money and avoid packages that come with more options than you really need. If you’re a movie buff or enjoy an all-encompassing range of channel options, larger plans will meet all your cable needs. However, if your family doesn’t spend a lot of time at home or if you only need a few channels, smaller packages will do. Some providers may also offer mobile cable options, giving you and your family the ability to take their entertainment on the go and watch television or movies from their smart phone, tablet or laptop computer. Take time to identify your needs before you shop.

Television Quality

Advances in entertainment technology have turned watching television into a detailed visual experience. However, not all credit for good visual quality can go to your high-definition (HD) television. Cable providers may offer some or all channels you have access to in HD quality. Good cable quality extends beyond quality of picture to include reliability of service and connection. A provider with frequent outages would not be described as one of high quality. If you like your cable television service crisp and clear, ask for recommendations on local providers from friends, neighbors and coworkers. This is also a good technique to gauge which providers to start seriously considering. Once you know of a few providers that cater to your exact degree of entertainment quality, you can begin looking at package deals and contract terms of potential cable television providers.

Customer Service

We’ve all heard tales of bad customer service, which darkens the opinion of the company in question. This is no different when it comes to cable providers. A company’s customer support base stands at the gates of building a favorable customer/client relationship. When you call customer support you expect a friendly and professional representative to help you with your issue, whether it be to correct a billing mistake or add additional services to your plan. Customer service also extends to the technicians that make service calls to your home. Again, ask your neighbors, friends and coworkers what they think about their cable provider’s degree of customer service. Some even have referral program for new and satisfied customers. If friends have a story or two about an issue with customer service, keep this in mind as you evaluate providers.
Turn-Around Times

Technical difficulties and weather issues can put a damper in your entertainment, requiring a service call to remedy the situation. Depending on the nature of your issue and the provider’s policies, you may have to take a day off work or cancel certain activities to wait for a technician to arrive. Another question to ask your friends as you survey their cable experiences is whether or not a provider is punctual and if they resolve issues in a timely manner. A provider that recognizes how valuable your time is to you won’t keep you waiting for a technician to show up late, or not at all. Again, this will lower your opinion of them and their customer service. You know you’re onto finding a great provider if their technicians arrive on time and technical issues are resolved accordingly.

Package Deals and Bundles

After surveying friends, you might have a provider that provides great quality entertainment, excellent customer service and prompt repair times. The next question to answer is whether or not their cable tv deals live up to your needs and expectations. Does your potential provider offer the channels you want or need at a reasonable rate? Do they offer mobile options or high-definition channels? One popular package offered by several cable providers is a bundle of cable, phone and high-speed Internet. If you need these additional services as well, these packages are worth looking into. Many providers also offer an introductory rate which allows you to access their services while you take a time to decide whether you like it. Take your time when it comes to pricing a plan and look for good deals and plans.

Taking these five considerations with you as you investigate a new cable provider helps you make the most informed choice, which leads to better savings and satisfaction. Shopping for a cable provider doesn’t need to be difficult. Take your time as you look and you’ll find the right cable service.


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