How to book a world class tribute band

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Q. What’s the difference between a good tribute band and a world class tribute band?

A. A good tribute band play the band’s music and sound something like the original.

World class tribute acts is as close as you’ll come to seeing the original performers performing live on stage in front of you, down to the last stitch in the stage costumes or sweep of the spotlight!

When you book a world class tribute act, you get more than a show, you get a taste of the original’s star quality, and that’s what sets the very best tribute acts apart from the rest.

So, how can you book a truly international standard professional tribute band without seeing them live? Simple, book your tribute band through an established, reputable online entertainment agency that carefully vets its artists.

Many agency websites are actually just listings sites, where any band can post details (for a fee). The best live music agencies check out acts before they list them, and reject far more acts than they ever accept on their website, to ensure high quality, reliability and authenticity.

Once you’ve found a live music booking agency website, what should you look out for in a tribute band or tribute act?

Always start with the demo tracks; do they sound close to the originals, with the same depth of sound and /or energy?

Look at their photos or videos. Even if they don’t always look exactly like their heroes, do they dress the same, act the same, move the same way?

Read the band’s blurb about themselves – who are the singers? Have they other stage or rock experience? Can the act offer a variety of formats to suit various functions or venues?

Check out their client list; the best tribute acts play in the UK and abroad for a wide variety of clients from corporate events to rock festivals!

By now, you’ve probably got a Wish List of favourite bands, so it’s time to consider which band is right for your event. Yes, you may love the vocals of Adele or the legend that was Fleetwood Mac, but these tribute acts may not be suitable for your Mum’s birthday party or daughter’s Proms night!

For wedding receptions, choose a tribute band that everyone will enjoy, such as an Abba tribute, Beatles, or the ever-popular Blues Brothers tribute acts.

For birthday parties, choose a tribute band that plays music from your era, as chances are it’ll be the era your friends love too! From Elvis to Madonna, Queen to the Rolling Stones, you’ll find a tribute act ready to entertain.

For major corporate functions, choose a sophisticated act with international appeal, such as a Rat Pack tribute, Frank Sinatra, Elvis or Michael Bublé.

If you have any questions, just ring the agency and ask – the best agencies will be more than happy to help with advice and suggestions.

And finally, let’s be honest here; a world-class tribute act will be reassuringly priced at the higher end of the market. Recreating the look, style and mannerisms of the original artists takes weeks of rehearsals and considerable investment in equipment, instruments, and clothing. If a tribute act is too cheap, there’s a reason for it, and it ain’t a good reason to book them!


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