How to Beat the High Cost of Burial

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How much are you planning on spending on your funeral? If you haven’t spent much time planning this all important event, you should. As it turns out, the average American spends around $6,000 dollars on their funeral.
And if you think that most of that money goes towards the casket, guess again. The average metal casket costs around $2,500. The other $3,500 goes towards embalming, a cemetery plot, and the myriad of tiny expenses that add up to that big old $6k figure.
If you’re thinking that all that money could be better spent on the living than the dead, you’re not alone and you’re not selfish either. When a family loses a close loved one, they also incur a serious financial loss. Adding a huge expense to the time of grieving is hardly the kind of legacy anyone wants to leave behind.
Fortunately, there are some innovative ways that anyone can use to help stay ahead of the high cost of dying that you may not have ever looked into.
Planning Your Own Funeral
One really great method for keeping the cost of the funeral under control is to invest in a pre-paid, pre-planned funeral program. These programs can be paid off in monthly installments and are very affordable.
Best of all, they allow you to choose exactly the kind of funeral you want to have well before you ever need it. That means that your family is free to spend the time around your death actually mourning, and dealing with their feelings, instead of planning a funeral. Pre-paid plans also free your loved ones from the burden of paying for an expensive funeral.
Let’s face it, most of us aren’t at our best in the days after the loss of a loved one and we wind up spending more than planned on the funeral. After all, you want to honor the deceased and cutting corners on their funeral doesn’t make you feel like you’re really honoring their memory appropriately. When you plan ahead, you can make decisions based on financial realities, not on emotion.
Seeking Alternatives
One alternative to a traditional burial that’s extremely cost-effective is the world of body donation. Today’s body donations are a great way of giving back a little something to society, while freeing your family from most of the costs associated with funeral planning.
Most donation services pay for the cost of filing a death certificate; transporting the remains; and even include free cremation. This saves your family thousands of dollars and, once the research piece has been completed, your remains are returned to your family. That means you can still have a funeral that’s in accordance with your religious beliefs.
There’s no need to spend a fortune on your funeral. No matter how elaborate the service; coffin; and procession, the end result is the same. Everyone who gets buried winds up in the cold, cold ground. So why not do a little good when you’re dead and allow your family to the loss of a loved one, not the loss of thousands of dollars.


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