How to Beat a Weight Loss Plateau and Reach Your Fitness Goals

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How to Beat a Weight Loss Plateau and Reach Your Fitness GoalsWeight loss goals are notoriously difficult to achieve. Every single person in the world has a different body, a different lifestyle and a different set of goals, but all struggle with the same problem: the weight loss plateau. You’ve reached a point at which it seems like, no matter what you do, you can’t make any progress in your efforts to lose weight. When you hit a plateau, it is important to stay positive. Don’t get discouraged, because there are ways to break through that wall and beat a weight loss plateau to reach your goals.

Start a weight loss journal if you haven’t done so already. The first few pounds may have come off relatively easily for you, but making additional progress in your weight loss is going to require stronger effort and careful attention. Your weight loss journal should include detailed information about your workout sessions, your diet and your results.

Record all this information in your journal as quickly as possible; keep it on hand at all times to immediately record your meals and bring it to the gym to write down detailed workout information. Above all, be honest about what you write in your journal. Embellishing or omitting details will only hurt your progress.

Read through your journal very carefully to look for ruts and weak spots in your diet and exercise routines. Writing down everything you eat will bring to light the unseen holes in your dietary plan. Expose your snacking habits and high calorie meals, and you’ll gain valuable insight about why you can’t seem to shed the pounds. Scrutinize your workout entries as well. You need to continually increase the intensity of your workouts to get rid of those pounds, so make sure that your exercise routine hasn’t become stagnant.

Sometimes all you need is a little variety to get over your plateau. If you hit the treadmill for a cardiovascular workout, increase your speed and mileage to get more out of each session. When you train in the weight room, make sure to gradually increase both pounds and reps. Do something different once a week; go out for a bike ride, or start taking a yoga class. Your weight loss plateau will be easier to overcome when you shake up your workout routine to make sure your body doesn’t get lazy.

Make changes in your diet to reduce caloric intake while giving your body the nutrition it needs. Snack on fruit instead of cookies or chips. Use low fat sandwich spreads and salad dressings to give your meals flavor without the extra calories. Incorporate plenty of whole grains, steamed vegetables and lean proteins into your daily meals. Look for low carb desserts with protein for an after-dinner treat. Small dietary changes lead to significant results over time. Remember to keep track of every change in your diet so that you can see what is most effective.

Remember these tips for beating a weight loss plateau. Record every daily habit that contributes to your weight, and make productive changes. The only things standing between you and your goals are your own counter-productive habits. Start making changes today, and you’ll achieve your goals.


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