How To Avoid And Cure Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a common problem that ails many teenagers and adults. Bad breath can cause social problems for the person who is unlucky enough to have it. Fortunately, bad breath can be treated and cured, for good. It takes proper attention and several visits to a Brooklyn dentist before bad breath finally disappears, in most of the cases.

Bad breath is caused by a number of factors, including poor oral hygiene, tooth and gum disease, bad digestion, or some chemicals in the bloodstream. Most often, the source of bad breath is the mouth itself. The bad odor is produced by bacteria, which might be accumulated on the inner surfaces of the mouth, on the surface of teeth or in between the teeth. While most health conscious people brush twice a day and use mouthwash, sometimes the bad breath is quite resilient and returns shortly after brushing or gargling.

One of the reasons can be a bad brushing technique. All areas of the mouth should be properly scrapped during brushing, including teeth, tongue, inside of the cheeks and the roof of the mouth. A brushing session should last for at least two minutes. Brooklyn dentist suggests brushing before going to bed, and after breakfast. This differs from the common practice of brushing at night and in the morning just after waking up. The logic behind this suggestion is that when you brush at night, your mouth is clean for the night. It still doesn’t have any food particles when you get up in the morning. Brushing just after waking up is good because it freshens up your mouth, but the real need for brushing arises after breakfast, when food particles get stuck at different places between your teeth. In case you don’t brush after breakfast, these food particles will stay there till the night, causing bad breath.

Using synthetic mouthwashes seldom helps to cure bad breath. Almost all of them contain alcohol, which dries up the mouth and makes the bad breath worse after the fragrance of the mouthwash dissipates. A simple saltwater and lime solution is the best mouthwash you could use to fight oral bacteria.

Avoiding smelly food, like onion, garlic, cabbage, radish, oily and greasy food, fried food, alcohol, smoking, and tea also helps in controlling bad breath. Some of these foods have chemicals that dissolve in the bloodstream and then escape through the lungs into the exhaled air, causing bad breath.

Most often, bad breath can be treated by a Brooklyn dentist. Removing tartar and plaque from teeth’s surface, filling cavities and treating gum disease is the basic things that your dentist will do. Other than that, he might suggest that you floss regularly and adopt proper brushing technique. Using a home-made mouth wash works best to keep bad breath at bay. Some spices and herbs, like cardamom, ginger and basil leaf can make bad breath disappear instantly and keep your mouth smelling fresh for a long time. On the whole, bad breath can be cured by visiting a Brooklyn dentist and making small changes to your lifestyle.


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