How To Avoid A Backlash From Upset Customers

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How To Avoid A Backlash From Upset CustomersDealing with an upset customer is one of the scariest things you will deal with in the service industry. However, you will deal with them from time to time if you work long enough. What are some ways that you can get in front of a problem to ensure that they are directing as little anger toward your company and its employees as possible?


Acknowledge The Issue


The best thing that a company can do is to acknowledge that there is a problem. Nothing makes an irate customer even angrier than to think that you don’t care about their feelings. Therefore, you should offer an apology and a solution to the problem as soon as possible. Giving away free stuff can be a great way to quell the anger of a customer who feels wronged.


Listen To Their Feedback


Business owners should use the resources offered at sites such as to allow customers to give feedback freely and easily. This will ensure that your customers feel as if they are being heard. In some cases, people just want to be heard. Once they are able to voice their issues, they will feel better and leave your company alone.


Tell Your Customers What You Are Going To Do Different In The Future


The feedback received using the Mindshare Technologies Platform can help your company make changes to how it operates. If the public sees that you are taking a negative situation seriously, they will be more likely to forgive the company and move on from the incident. Even if the changes are small ones, they show that your business understands what it did wrong.


Make Sure That All Opinions Are Heard


Never make the mistake of ignoring feedback because it comes from a newer customer or from a demographic that your company may not be targeting. In fact, a company representative should make it a point to address any comments and feedback offered to the company. This will make the customer feel appreciated and valued.


Failure to acknowledge and address customer anger can create a large backlash that the company may not be able to recover from. However, simply addressing a problem and taking steps to make sure it never happens again will ensure that your brand comes out relatively unscathed. Even if ownership doesn’t think the company did anything wrong, it is never a good idea to ignore what your customers think.


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