How Things Can Escalate: Understanding Prescription Drug Addiction

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How Things Can Escalate Understanding Prescription Drug AddictionPrescription drug abuse is constantly in the news, it makes headlines, and the phrase has almost become a buzzword, carelessly used and meaningless. Unless, that is, it strikes either you or someone you know. Whether it is you, a loved one, a co-worker, or the student in the next aisle, prescription drug abuse strikes hard and leaves devastation in its wake.

Who’s Abusing

How is it possible to become addicted to a prescription that a trusted professional has handed you, and you, in good faith, accepted it? That is a valid question, and there are several elements that can factor in to this addiction that is escalating into higher numbers at an alarming rate. The estimated amount of prescription drug addicts is at approximately 48 million, and this number includes not only adults, but also young adults twelve and up. The increased number of medicines available, along with the easy access through Internet pharmacies is definitely a contributing factor.

What’s Being Abused?

There are three main culprits of prescription drugs that are most commonly abused: pain medications, depressants, and stimulants. Doctors surmise that the dependency on pain medications stems from our aging population. Depressants are prescribed to treat various sleep disorders and for anxiety since they have a calming effect. Stimulants, used to treat a myriad of health problems such as ADHD, generate heightened energy. Note: if someone is or has been taking the medicine for an extended period of time, and/or has increased the dosage without consulting his or her doctor, then that person is abusing that drug.

How to Help

So what happens if you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from prescription drug addiction? Is there help? Absolutely, but know going into this that you will be met with some resistance. Addicts of this nature have a difficult time acknowledging they have a problem. After all, the origin of the medication was from a doctor, so they often will not recognize they are in danger because of their abuse.

Getting Help

The important fact to understand is that there are people there for you. Rehabilitation centers are plentiful, and the staff is discrete and caring, and outpatient care is offered most often for the convenience of the patient. Healing comes in the forms of behavioral therapy, often in combination with non-addictive drugs that will lessen the effects of withdrawal.

It is a conundrum; medication easily available, yet may just as easily end up being abused and therefore create addiction. However, you are not alone, healing and solace are waiting for you.

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