How massage therapy can relieve painful symptoms at home

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Massage is widely recognised as helpful for treating the symptoms of arthritis, back pain and many other conditions. Discomfort can safely be eased using an electric massage appliance in your own home. Gentle elliptical movements create a soothing vibration for pain relief whenever you need it.

How it works:

Massage is one of the oldest treatments for pain relief that we know of and over the centuries has been used to help many conditions. It is favoured by many medical professionals because it is non-invasive and safe. The pain relieving and relaxing benefits of massage can now be obtained without a skilled practitioner and the time and effort normally involved. Different electric massage machines are available and it is generally agreed that Cyclo Therapy which produces a gentle elliptical movement through energy waves moving in different directions and rotating at the same time is very effective and safe. The therapy is very soothing and provides gentle but deep treatment in a cycloidal motion similar to that used by skilled therapists for relief of pain and discomfort deep within the muscles. As well as soothing pain, it helps with relaxation of muscles and improves the flow of blood through the tissues. As no drugs are involved it is a very safe form of therapy with no dangerous side effects.

massage therapy

Choosing the best equipment:

Hand held massage products are very versatile. These units can be used on any part of the body and are ideal for targeting muscle and joint pain. The hand held massage unit has a rounded end that can be used for treatment of fleshy parts of the body and larger muscles. Different attachments are available, but the most widely used is a rubber cup that can be placed over knee, elbow or ankle to provide pain relief. Hand held massage units need to be connected to the mains electricity and have simple controls to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage.

Other massage products include pads such as the Therapy Cyclopad that can be used for the relief back and shoulder pain. Massage pads are also easily portable and can be used in a variety of ways, including being placed under the legs for the relief of sciatica or painful thighs. For specific needs, beds and chairs with built in massage units are also available.

Medical benefits

There are many conditions that can benefit from the use of electric massage appliances. These include


Frozen shoulder


Spinal disorders

Back pain

There are many more problems that can be relieved by massage. In addition to providing pain relief for many medical conditions like those above that can affect the joints and muscles, massage is also an excellent way of reducing stress, tension and anxiety. This can cause problems such as insomnia and has also been associated with migraine.

It is only recently that the benefits of gentle massage have been available to people in their own homes without the need for skilled therapists and the time and effort usually associated with this type of treatment.

Della  writes regularly on technological advances in treatment for various health websites and blogs. She has studied the benefits of Niagara Therapy with regard to chronic back pain and other musculo-skeletal problems.


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