How Is The Dental Tourism In Mexico?

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32 How Is The Dental Tourism In Mexico?

There are numerous things which you can see and experience in Mexico apart from its pristine beaches and hot burritos and enchiladas. Thousands of people travel to this country to get high-quality medical treatment which they can’t afford or manage to get in the United States and other countries. The medical tourism in Mexico has spiked up, bringing in an entrance from the U.S, Canada and European countries when the World Health Organization determined Mexico’s hospitals and medical practitioners as being up to par with those in first-world countries.

Why Mexico?

The answer is simple. Mexico is just a few hours travel depending on your certain specific city of destination. Like for example, if you are from Vancouver, it only takes five hours to reach Mexico City, and it’s only a few hours air travel if you’re from Los Angeles. You only need two-and-a-half hours trip to see Monterrey if you are from Chicago and if you are living in San Diego, it is just a 20-minutes cross-border to get into Tijuana for your dental procedures. However, you must know that Mexicans does not cater purely to North Americans. Also, the Europeans take their time traveling to Mexico to avail cheap, high-quality dental and cosmetic services.

Medical Procedures in Mexico

The land of tacos and tequilas has long been known the mainstream of dental and cosmetic treatments.  Recently, the private healthcare providers have seen the need to widen the quality and quantity of services and join the very promising trend of medical tourism. The Mexico now offers a broader variety of general, dental, surgicaland cosmetic procedures which range from treatments eye surgery to hysterectomies, fromhip replacements to bariatric surgery and from Botox injections to heart surgeries.

Mexican Medical Treatments Prices

What attracts thousands of patients to get their dental problems done in Mexico is the cost. The medical procedures costs at least 50 to 80% less than they would cost when done in countries like U.S.A. Take for instance, the heart surgery in the United States prices at $64,000 when in fact in hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International it only cost $24,000. The dental and cosmetic experts are able to give a quality services at a lower costs which is a big factor.

Business and Pleasure in Mexico

Staying in Mexico for Mexico dental tourism for a while will really help a patient recuperates after he underwent a dental or cosmetic surgery. The breathtaking coastlines dotted with recreational beach resorts and historical cities will give him positive recovery and well-rested period. Indeed, Mexico is a great place to both enjoy business and vacation.



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