Homemade hair mask for mixed

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Hair is a very important weapon in the vanity of women, many worry about how your hair look with hairstyles or dyes that highlight their natural beauty. But actually we do is called for, despite the look you choose, always impose the trend of having a healthy hair. So today we will tell you how to make a homemade mask for mixed hair.

Got mixed hair?

As its name implies, mixed hair is a mixture of two types of hair is dry and oily. What happens is that the root hair comes from the scalp is greasy, but the hair ends are dry.

The hair comb for your condition requires care to not add more fat that occurs naturally in the area and prevent the ends from drying out and must be well hydrated.

When determining that yours is a mixed hair, keep in mind that your visits to the salon have to be oriented to blunt your hair to go slowly discarding the tips battered. On the other hand, there are some homemade recipes for treating mixed hair and keep it healthy.

Mask of yogurt and egg for mixed hair

As the faithful know the natural recipes, the egg is one of the best hair conditioners for its high content of protein. For its part, yogurt offers essential nutrients and hydration, and promotes hair growth. But it is also true that acts as an effective natural treatment for oily hair. As you may have guessed, is the ideal mix for mixed hair.


  • ½ cup yogurt
  • 1 egg


  1. You mix an egg with ½ cup yogurt until blended.
  2. Use the resulting slurry to pass through your hair, doing a massage for about 15 minutes). Try massaging fine hair ends with the mixture.
  3. Now wrapped a towel, preferably hot over your head and get to read a book or watch television, media Durane available during limited hours, with the mixture in the head to take effect.
  4. After that time, you should wash your hair with warm water, not hot, not to hurt the hair tips.

In addition, the recommendation is that you apply this homemade face mask for hair mixed with time, without any worries that prevent properties egg and yogurt act on your hair.

And you, what kind of treatment you take to care for mixed hair? Need other natural masks for hair?


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