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As we all know, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has the authority in UK’s taxes. They are responsible in making sure that the money collected from tax is available in funding UK’s public services and facilities and to help individuals and families support financially.
HMRC helpline gives you their services and lets you do your duty in just a click. Employees can the free HM Revenue and Customs Self-Assessment service to pay your tax return on-line or through buying a commercial software because all on-line forms is not covered by them.
The HM Revenue and Customs free Self-Assessment securely saves your tax return. Your information is kept private and no one can see it even the HMRC unless you have already sent it and by having the commercial software, you can save your information in your personal computer.
helplineThe services covered on-line are the main Self-Assessment Tax Return (SA100) which is free of charge. Employees can send information also about their employment, self-employment, partnership, UK property, capital gains and foreign. These are the only income and gains covered by the HMRC Self-Assessment. And by the commercial software, you can submit further the following: Additional information, Trust income, Non-residence, Minister of religion, Lloyd’s underwriters.
One can claim also a Child Benefit. There are many ways to get a claim form, it can be given from the “Bounty Pack” in the hospital, and also, through on-line. You can immediately claim the child benefit when the child is born, the child lives with you, you adopted a child who’s living with you, and you are responsible for paying all his costs. In claiming the benefit you must have the birth certificate, birth certificate from adoption and an adoption certificate.
Employees can claim also a Tax and National Insurance Refund. You can claim the excess tax you paid. For employees, you can phone or letter the HMRC for the reason you believe that you have paid too much tax. And any refund that will be made to you will be included in your salary or wage. If suddenly unemployed or retired, it is also possible for you to claim some refund. But employees must be aware also that there is a time limit for them to have their refunds.
Moreover, if you have paid too much of less than without knowing why, then you can check their website on how to correct your payment status. If an employee is provided by pension, he must check his tax code because normally, the company or his pension provider uses the tax code to see if how much tax must be deducted from your pension. There is a possibility that you are paying too much or less tax if you do not have your correct tax code.
In the HMRC helpline you could also check about the Tax Credits, Income Tax, National Insurance, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains, report any changes that could affect your tax and many more. Different forms also for different claims are handed to you to fill it out.


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