Here’s How To Create a Modern Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be a haven: a space to relax in and enjoy, which looks and feels contemporary. It can be quick and easy to modernize your bedroom, without the need for a full-on renovation. By focussing on areas like textiles, furnishings and colour schemes, you can quickly turn your room from tired and outdated to up-to-the-minute cool modern bedroom without spending a fortune.


Modern bedroom furniture is all about smooth lines and uncluttered chic. Your bedroom is likely to be the place you keep a lot of your possessions, so for an unfussy finish, invest in storage space to hide these away. Rather than a freestanding piece, it is often worth shelling out for classy built-in wardrobes. Keep make-up out of sight in a dressing room table and make sure these are co-ordinated with your wardrobes. Go for symmetry in your bedroom – a double bed should be centred on a wall, with bedside tables either side.


Choose textiles and soft furnishings in light colours. These will open up any space and will not outdate. A pale colour palette also works throughout the year, without looking too seasonal. Stick with one colour or tone and vary soft furnishings by choosing different textures. Cream looks sumptuous and clean, so stick with a single tone and opt for a knitted throw, silk pillow and duvet cases and a sheepskin rug. If you have a sofa this can quickly be updated with a throw and cushions or – for something a little more long-lasting – get the piece re-upholstered to match your other textiles.


A modern lighting scheme is an instant way to revamp and update your bedroom. Ceiling spotlights are fuss-free and, when controlled independently, can create different areas of light or dark in your bedroom – perfect for ensuring the perfect atmosphere. With simple ceiling lights you can afford to be more creative with other choices. Go for a statement standing lamp which will act as a great feature for your room and say something about your personal tastes.


An old-fashion carpet will drag down any room, so refresh your space by stripping back any old carpet or flooring. Use laminate for a clean, contemporary look and low-maintenance upkeep too. You can either choose real wood laminate or, if you are on a budget you can opt for a false version, which can be purchased from a homeware shop and laid yourself. This works well as a modern living rooms design idea as well as a modern bedroom one too.


Adding accessories to your room can turn a good bedroom into a great one. Remember though, if you do add any extra accessories, that your other belongings are kept out of sight, to avoid looking too cluttered. A piece of modern artwork can add a splash or colour, or if art is not your thing look to tech to modernise your room. Many hi-fi systems and TVs and created with style as a priority, so not only are these pieces functional, but they look fab too


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