Helping a friend or relative with drug rehabilitation

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Friends and relatives of an addict can find it difficult to know where to turn to for help. Find out how to source the best and most appropriate treatment or clinic for their needs.


Acknowledge the addiction
It’s distressing to experience the torment of a loved one in the grip of an addiction. Whether it’s a question of alcohol or drugs the answer is usually to find an appropriate drug rehab program, but where does the average person even begin to locate a clinic or treatment centre that can help?

The most obvious problem is usually that the addict refuses to acknowledge that there is even a problem at all. Addicts are notoriously self-centred, self-absorbed and completely delusional. For as long as they deny that there is a problem they can continue to maintain a charade that life is normal, even when it is clearly far from normal for the people around them.

Try to discuss the subject with the addict and make them realise how unhappy and distressed their behaviour is making you. If he or she still refuses to accept that there is a problem then you will need to take the next step on your own, but it is much easier if the addict is onside with the idea of rehabilitation.

Get support
The internet has made life so much easier when it comes to sourcing appropriate forms of treatment and clinics that can help. With such a huge variety of treatment options and clinics dedicated to helping addicts regain control of their lives there is bound to be a treatment plan which will be effective.

Try to find a clinic close by if at all possible, as this will allow you to partake in therapy sessions which will help the addict when he or she is ready to return to normal life. If you are aware of trigger factors which may prompt a return to undesirable behaviours then you can help to keep these at bay. However, in some instances it may be more desirable for the addict to locate a facility in which he or she will make optimum progress, which may not necessarily be the closest to home.

There are plenty of support groups which can be accessed online or by phone who will talk you through the options available and help you to broach the subject with the addict in question. You will be treated with courtesy and compassion so there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Many of the counsellors and therapists have personal experience of addiction and are extremely non-judgemental.

With drugs and alcohol so readily available the question of drug rehab is no longer a taboo subject. If your friend or relative is in the grip of addiction there is no need to suffer in silence. Help is available, so do not be afraid to make the most of it.


Catherine Sanderson is a trained counsellor who writes for a number of websites and blogs about health and social issues. With a brother who is a former heroin addict she understands the problems faced by relatives and friends and recommends reading as much as you can on the subject. Check out websites such as which offer a variety of resources and information.


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