Help Your Troubled Teen – It’s Never Too Late!

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Most of the time, parents feel helpless and become hopeless when they realize their kid is a drug or alcohol addict. Substance abuse amongst adolescents is one of the biggest challenges for our society today. However, instead of getting demoralized and overwhelmed, parents should look for the best treatment option for their troubled teens.

Today, a number of programs are running exclusively to help families with troubled teen. They all work for the good of the society. These programs are dedicated to help teens overcome drug abuse and drug addiction and get back to a normal life.

In a study performed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the researchers concluded that the teens who undergo treatments have shown remarkable improvements in their nature, health and psychological behavior, which ultimately is improved quality of lives.

The study also highlighted that teens show a decrease in their uncertain behavior, drug abuse and criminal activity. At the same time, treatment programs help teens abusing substance improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.


Therapeutic Treatment Programs

For some parents or guardians, therapeutic treatment program is the best option. These programs are comprised of on-site counseling, workshops and recovery courses. In the U.S., many boarding schools are running Therapeutic treatment program for troubled teenagers. The enrollment period for such boarding school program is minimum six months.

A troubled teen attend classes and therapy sessions, either in personal or in group. While it is not easy to send away your kid far away from home, this distance is needed to protect him or her from negative peer influence and self-destructive drug addiction.

Such schools or programs may cost you thousands of dollars per month. Perhaps, your insurance may pay a fraction of the cost, or you may look for financial aid, loan and other means of financing, if needed, based on your situation.

Wilderness Treatment Programs

If you are noticing behavioral or psychological problems in your teen, a wilderness treatment program is the most viable option for you. Such programs typically take a small group of teens and place them in outdoors settings for 30-60 days. During this period, teens are taught self-reliance and cooperation via team-building activities. They have a team of instructor and counselors who examine each participant individually to learn about their state of condition.

Wilderness treatment programs help troubled teens build self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, and decrease aggression and provocation. However, these programs have a limitation – they don’t embrace the academic education element. And some don’t have the group therapy option as well.

Moreover, these programs are the short-term treatment option. It is likely that your teen will enroll in another program to continue its therapeutic treatment and achieve long lasting success.

Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

Troubled youth camps aim to help teens identify what is stopping them from building a constructive purpose in their lives, as only then a long-term success can be achieved. In a good boot camp, teens are counseled and educated to build a sense of responsibility and improve personal awareness. They are also stimulated for positive thinking and positive behavior via lessons, workshops, seminars and other activities.

Are you looking for a teen drug abuse treatment center? Search the internet for a reputable boot-camp in your city or state and bring a new life to your kid.

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Jasmine is a health inspector and a part-time columnist. She has deep awareness about different types of teen drug abuse treatment centers in the U.S. And often share her piece of knowledge with others.


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