Healthy Shaving Tips for the Novice Shaver

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If you were lucky, when you were a young boy your father showed you how to shave one day or at least offered coaching tips for the best way to shave without cutting yourself or irritating the skin. However, if your father was not around, or if you were a late-bloomer, you may never have had the chance to find the best way to shave.

Luckily, the Internet is a great place to learn what your parents never showed you. These helpful tips will get you started and offer the best way to shave to protect your skin and avoid painful razor burns and cuts.

When it is time to shave?

Most boys wonder when it is time for them to shave. The age can vary from boy to boy, and most boys actually start shaving much sooner than they have to. Typically, when the hair on your chin and lip starts to lengthen and become noticeable (girls are really good at telling you when your facial hair is getting too long), that is when you can start shaving. For some boys, this may be age 12, but for others, you may not need to shave until you are well into your 20’s.

Choosing a shaving device

Most men stick to shaving with a disposable razor or safety razor of some kind. Men with facial hair may use a facial hair trimmer for detail work on their face. A few men also use a straight razor, but a straight razor is not advised for a first razor! The chances of you cutting yourself are extremely high. Until you know what you are comfortable with, a midline disposable razor with 2-3 blades will provide the cleanest and easiest shave. You can also shave with an electric razor, but electric razors typically do not cut as close to the skin.

Lather up

The number one caution for a new shaver is shaving without lubrication. This is the fastest way to end up in BurnTown. There are several choices you can use to lather your face, and they mainly depend on personal preference. Some men like to use regular soap that they lather with a brush, others prefer traditional shaving cream, and others like gel shaving cream. Try a few, and pick the one that is the most soothing to you. Some creams may break out the skin, so if you notice pimples forming from your shaving cream, try a different kind.

Shave like a pro

Like any new skill, it will take some time to acquire the skills to shave your face without irritation. Shave just after a shower to soften the skin and reduce the chances for irritation. Always shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent razor burns from forming. Start with your cheeks, then move to the upper lip, and finally end with the chin and neck (if necessary). Shave slowly, and apply gentle pressure. Too much pressure will cut the skin. Experiment to see which techniques work best for you!

If you want to learn more about ways to shave and keep your skin healthy, The Art of Shaving for men offers excellent tips and products for shavers of all levels.


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