Health Tips To Help You Get Beautiful Glowing Skin

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Although experimenting with foundation, highlighters and blush is a fun way to try and achieve that gorgeous glowing look, the truth of the matter is that the best way to look naturally glowing and healthy is to treat your body well.

The type of food you eat and the way in which you care for the skin on your body and face, will determine how healthy and beautiful you look. In this article, we offer some health tips which will help you to look your best, with or without make-up.

Body Brushing:
One of the easiest ways to ensure that the skin on your body is glowing, smooth and healthy is to dry body brush – this involves using a large brush with natural bristles to brush your skin. Doing this will boost your lymphatic system, helping to speed up the process of toxin removal and will help your circulation too, thus creating that glowing look. In addition to this, dry body brushing is a fantastic way to exfoliate before you use one of those kits for spray tan – making sure that all of the dead skins cells are sloughed off are a must if you want your tan to go on evenly. When dry body brushing, remember to use large, sweeping motions, moving the brush upwards, towards your heart.

Nothing affects your skin quite as much as the food you eat; too many takeaways and chocolate bars can result in a dull and congested complexion. If you want to have clear, even skin, make sure that you are consuming plenty of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. Although all types of fruit and veg are good for your health, there are certain ones which can be particularly useful if you want better looking skin.
Papaya, apricots and mangoes are full of carotenoid, a pigment which is present in the layer of fat just beneath the skin. This substance helps to give your skin that plump, youthful look. An easy way to get all three of these fruits into one meal is to make a smoothie – simply pop a few chunks of each into a blender, with some ice and some almond milk and whizz it up for a minute or two. This drink is delicious and will do wonders for your skin. If you prefer a thicker consistency, add in a banana – this fruit is bursting with vitamins E, B and A and are said to be especially good for those who are prone to acne.
Foods with healthy fats are another essential for anyone hoping to achieve a glowing look; things like oily fish, nuts and avocados are all excellent choices. Research suggests that these foods can help to boost collagen production, keeping your skin looking young and healthy. A small portion of small with your dinner, or half an avocado with your sandwich at lunchtime, can make all the difference to how you look and how you feel.

Jennifer is a freelance writer whose work is regularly featured in beauty, fashion and health magazines. She offers tips and advice on everything from how to achieve the perfect glow with Kits for Spray Tan, to what to wear on a first date.


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