Have The Look Of An Army Officer In Action

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The first thing that comes to mind when you mention the army is the action. Maybe crawling low on the ground to get closer to the opponent, just to make sure their opponent does not notice them. Or maybe it is a serious exchange of fire between the two in battle, whether by guns or by missiles, in the air or on the ground. However, one thing that you cannot fail to notice is their uniform. Their uniform is specially designed as it is for the major purpose of camouflage. The three major colors in play being green, tan and grey to work in all probable environments. These are woodlands, desert and urban environments. You can be able to actually buy army surplus kit. Below is a list of what you can get to wear that is from the army:

  1. Jackets

To recognize an authentic army jacket, you should be able to find that the front is closed in two ways, first you use a zipper, and then there is the use of Velcro. In addition, all its pockets should be closed using the hook and loop method. The left arm should always have a specially designed pocket, which the officers used to keep pens. Badges were pinned on and not sewn on, so be sure to get a clean jacket which you can badge yourself.

  1. Trouser

One unique fact you will notice when you go to buy army surplus kit is that the trousers are fire resistant. Apart from this, they have pockets on the thighs, also fastened twice; using elastic drawstrings and they use Velcro. The waistline (where the belt runs when fastening a trouser) should be exactly two inches long.

  1. Headgear

There are just two types of headgear. Common knowledge would make one assume that they wear helmets to protect the head. In actual sense, they wear ordinary caps. One they call a patrol cap and the other a bonnie hat. A major distinction between the two is that the patrol cap has only one protrusion at the front (as a normal cap would have) and the bonnie hat has a uniform protrusion all round.

  1. T-shirt

The t-shirt should be actually 100% cotton. One profound property about them is that they have the ability to absorb sweat from the skin of a person and draw it to the outside of the fabric. They come in two colors, primarily tan, then green.

  1. Boots

An unnoticeable attribute of these boots is that they are more than 8 inches in height. Their method of closing should not be by zippers or metal cleats and be made of tan and leather only.

This uniform is usually sold out after the army can no longer use it. However, it is usually still in good shape. Thereby, they make their way to retail shops where anyone can be able to buy army surplus kit and be able to wear them. Get any of these items or even all and be sure that you have worn something that you can be sure that you are in the clothes that an army officer one wore when in the field.

Author Bio

Steve is a retired army officer, having been in service to the country in various ranks. He owns a couple of shops where people are able to buy army surplus kits. He also writes blogs, majoring on his former professional world, the military.


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