Has the Time Come to Teach Your Child About Guns?

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Whether you own one gun or several weapons, has the time arrived to educate your young one or ones on guns?

In the event the answer is yes, making sure you cover all the bases, most safety, is imperative.

Even for adults with best intentions, accidents can still occur in or outside the home. When they do, they can range from not too serious to catastrophic results.

With that in mind, you can never over emphasize how important gun safety is. Without gun safety, many people would die in homes, out hunting, and of course elsewhere.

Given the difference of real and toy guns, your child must know why using the former means safety first.

So, has the time come to teach your child about guns?


Why gun safety education is so important

If you’ve come to the decision that now in fact is the time to educate your child on gun safety, where do you begin?

Where to start of course will depend on their maturity level. Face it; some kids who are only eight or nine years of age are more mature than those 12 or 13. As a result, it can be tough to decide if now is in fact the right time to start on gun education.

One way to go about such education is by taking your child hunting.

Whether you are a rabid hunter or you only go out into the woods on occasion, hunting is a great to educate a young one. He or she can learn before ever setting foot in the woods about how important gun safety is.

As part of that emphasis on safety, how and where you holster and store your gun or guns is crucial. Given it only takes one lapse of judgment for an accident to occur, you never want to take gun safety for granted.

In looking to that safety, make sure you have the right gun holsters to secure your weapons.


Whether you use guns for self-defense, hunting or even both, they always need storage in a safe setting.

The holsters you end up choosing should be nice and snug. This means not only are they secure when on your body, but also when lying somewhere in the house.

Speaking of where they rest when in your home, make sure it is a secure locale.

Keeping a gun in an unlocked nightstand or sitting on a closet shelf can be a recipe for disaster. By having them locked away in a secure place, there is much less chance of a fatal accident taking place.

Teaching your child home protection

Although you hope your child never has to confront a threat to them and/or their loved ones in the home, it does occur.

With that in mind, go over the potential scenarios of what to do if an intruder enters your home. If your child is old enough to be home alone on their own one day or night, what would they do if someone broke-in? Would they be able to defend themselves and others in the home? What if those others were younger siblings?

Make sure your child knows where your weapon is in the event of an emergency. They should have received instruction on how to use it too if need be.

By knowing how to use a gun and defend the home in an emergency, your child will be one more layer of defense.

So, if the time has come to teach your child about guns, always make safety the number one thing to shoot for.



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