Grey, lavishness, and vintage: top home decor trends in bedroom furniture for 2013

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When it comes to design and decoration there is no place more fun than the bedroom. This is because there are literally no rules regarding bedroom furniture and design. You can design your room how you see fit; you can showcase your personality and be as creative as you like. If you are considering redecorating your bedroom this year, then you should certainly consider one of the following top trends for 2013…

First and foremost, let’s deal with colour. Every year a new and exciting palette reaches the forefront of design, and this year there are several colours worth looking out for. One colour that has shot to the top of interior designs most wanted is grey. Ok, so grey may not sound very exciting on the surface, but when it comes to your bedroom it takes on a whole new lease of life.

Grey replaces white, cream, or even black in being your neutral or base colour. You can then build upon the grey using colour laying. The good thing about grey is that almost every colour matches it – apart from brown. Moreover, grey enhances the other colours around it. Grey teamed with any of the following works beautifully; wine, rose, sky blue, teal, mint, fuchsia, blackcurrant, lemon, navy, and more. The choices are endless, meaning grey does not limit your style.


Nevertheless, if you are looking for more of an ‘in your face’ colour, then think green and red. Our taste for the lavish and opulence is well and truly coming back this year.

Once you have given some thought to the different colour trends for 2013, you should then concern yourself with different furniture pieces. It is all about convenience this year. Think; bed side tables, mini fridges, shoe racks, and so on and so forth. Basically, any piece of furniture that will make your life easier. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the modern world, a bedroom should provide a place that is easy, relaxing, and convenient.

When it comes to style of furniture there are lots of trends preparing to run riot over the coming months. Earlier lavishness and opulence was mentioned, and this is something very much suited to different furniture styles. Think about luxury materials; soft leather and beautiful fur. Think about gold adornments and intricate details. Make your bedroom a palace, look at the purchase of king sized beds and other elaborate bedroom furniture.

If the extravagant and the luxurious do not appeal to you, then perhaps vintage will. This is another trend rocketing to the top of the design world at the moment. Look for quaint, special, and precious pieces of furniture. These will stand out by themselves and thus will not need any introduction. You will notice a vintage piece straight away because it will captivate your attention. If this is a look you like then you need to make sure that people feel that way every time they step into your bedroom.

If you take note of some of the trends mentioned in this article then you will have the necessary means to pick the best colour and find the best bedroom furniture for your room. Remember to use these trends but to also stay true to yourself and your style because that is the most important thing.

Author bio – Peter Smith is a multimedia journalist. He writes on a variation of home decor topics, including bedroom furniture trends and living room wall art.


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