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Beautiful and scenic sights contribute to great road tour, but there are other factors any tourist should not throw to the winds when he chooses an adventure especially in distant places where culture and social ways of life may have some difference.

Laos undoubtedly has one of the gripping sights for an enthralling tour.  The beautiful smiley hosts, the rugged paths to enchanting hills, the mountainous forests, the sacred temples and the receptive monks are among the sassy experiences a tourist would relish touring Laos.

If you are planning motorcycle tours Laos with Vintage Rides, the tourist should avail the information he could get about the places he desires to visit, the people, their culture and ways of life.  There are things that are dear to the hosts sometimes.  That may include sacred places, shrines, and temples.  It is only expedient that the tourist knows and respects the dos and the don’ts of the host.

He should as well dig up information regarding safety.  Are there places he is vulnerable to attacks?  Are there things expected of him in certain places?  For instance, some temples and shrines can only be entered barefooted. It is necessary to get pre-information possibly from tour agents and organizers before one leaves his shores.

When we leave our shores for others’, we should be well conscious of the fact that we are going to a place where our own culture and beliefs may be suspended awhile.  Every tourist understands the universality of humanity and differences in cultures, beliefs, and other social ideologies.  Respecting other cultures is what makes us truly human. Why not?  This is one of the rules of tourism.

Laos has a long history of tourism-wise. Around 1975, Laos virtually closed its borders for foreign tourists until 1980s.  Since then, there has been a boom in Laos tourism.  Its government since then has been encouraging tourism through pro-tourism laws and policies that have seen good numbers of tourists from around the world thronging into that beautiful city.

Among the choice and favored destinations include Louangphrabang, Vientiane, and the southern part of the country. Well ornate and beautiful designed temples, hillsides and neighborhood markets are some of the favorite spots tourists enjoy visiting.

Laotians enjoy epic poetry, as well as its dance, music, folklore, and sculptures mainly based on the legendary myth of Phra Lak Phra Lam.  This is the Lao version of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. The tale of Rama is about a prince and the seventh incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu.

Like every tour, the tourist should have pre-information about choice places, islands, enigmatic sites and sacred places prior to his embarking on the journey.

You may choose a group tour or you could just hire a bike or rent a car for your tour.  There are countless rural attractions such as the local markets and the smiley Laotians.  Laotians are quite receptive.  Their cities are less chaotic and the people are not social-nuts.  So, it’s necessary you know that wild partying and all the buzz you’re used to in your city may be scantily found in Laos.


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