Great Scholarship Opportunities You May Not Have Heard of

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College or continuing education can be one of the biggest expenses you may have to face in your lifetime, and many students turn to scholarships as an option to help them cover the costs. Depending on your GPA and your interests you can end up using scholarships in some cases to cover most of your tuition.

Where do you find scholarships?

While each college usually has their own selection of scholarships that they will recommend, there are also numerous other resources to tap into for scholarship funds. One of the first places to check is in your hometown. Many community organizations, like the Rotary Club or Kiwanis Club, offer scholarships to students in their communities that show exceptional talent or perseverance. Many cities and towns manage trusts that offer scholarships to students going into certain fields. These vary from city to city, and the requirements are varied, as well. Also, be sure to check into your state government. Most senators and governors offer scholarships to constituents that are attending in-state schools.

If you’re looking for something a little more “out of the box” here are some other scholarship opportunities you may not be aware of.

Chumba Casino offers the Nigel Blythe-Tinker Scholarship. Nigel Blythe-Tinker is the founder of VGW a company that has grown in success all across the world over the last decade. With this scholarship, they offer up to $10,000 for students that can write an essay demonstrating that they have overcome adversity and succeeded in some part of their life.

If you’re going into medicine or the healthcare field, consider some of the options offered by our own government. The Federal Government offers a scholarship to students pursuing a career in the medical profession.

The Horatio Alger Association offers a wide variety of scholarships designated specifically for students that have overcome great adversity and have a demonstrated critical financial need.

Many of the more unusual scholarships focus on a unique talent that you might have or a very specific interest, like the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest, where they award four recipients scholarships each year for their stellar duck calling skills. The scholarships total $4250.

Another example is the Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship, which awards two different awards of $5000 annually to a vegetarian that can demonstrate their commitment to vegetarianism and helping to promote nutritional education in school.

Are you a Star Trek fan? This one may be for you – the Klingon Language Institute awards prize money to the person that can show the most creative use of Klingon language.

This is just a small sampling of the unusual types of scholarships that can be found if you do your research. Consider things like your ethnicity, whether your parents were in the military, if you have a specific medical condition, or if you belong to a specific club, sport or participate in a hobby that you love. All of these details can lead you to scholarship opportunities that you may have never considered.




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