Getting Vita Cr can be a cost worthy solution

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There is little difference between a traditional radiography and the computed radiography. The only major difference that can catch your eyes is that in case of the traditional radiography, the films are used for capturing the images while with the computed radiography like the Vita cr, an imaging plate is used for capturing the image. This imaging plate is also loaded with photo stimulating phosphor.

When this imaging plate with the photo stimulating phosphor is inserted into the laser scanner also known as the CR scanner, it is able to read an image and then also digitize it. The picture being digitized help you in viewing it with the help of certain software that can contrast, filter, brighten and zoom the pictures and adjusts them accordingly for better viewing and evaluation.

There are many advantages of using the computed radiography. For instance, the films that are used for the imaging are absolutely not made from any chemicals and thus they are absolutely safe environmentally as well as in all other aspects. And when the images are digitized, it is needless to say that they can be stored well without hampering much space.

Radiography means radiation doses amongst other medications. Radiations can be very difficult for the patients and thus the computed radiography is much better since patients need to face the radiations in very low doses only and that cannot be very harmful for the already ill patient.

The image that is captured by the digitized radiography equipment captures the images within 15 seconds time. And the interpretation of the picture is also quite improved since they are digitized and the quality of the digital image is always better than that of the normal images. The process of capturing the digital photos is in a process that is quite simple yet different. It also takes very few takes of the shot and thus the exposure to radiation for the patient is low. This is also much beneficial for the patients since they do not get exposed to the harmful exposure of radiation.

The preview of the images is available within 15 seconds of taking the pictures with the computed radiography. And because of the digitized images, the interpretation is also much better and in an improved condition. The process is a little different than that of the digital radiography although the medium is the same for the procedure to follow and complete. In both the forms, they capture the energy of the X ray and imprint them. In case of the computed radiography, the imprint is done in a cassette while in case of the digital radiography; the image is imprinted on a flat panel detector.

The computed radiography is a popular device in the medical science domain and is very reliable. It is very flexible and can be implemented on, many clinical applications. It is also environment friendly and is very affordable. The device as well as the process of computed radiography is very gentle on the patients and thus is safe for usage.


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