Getting sunlight coverage for your patio

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When it comes to opting for shading alternatives for your patio cover, you need to make an important design decision based on the amount and coverage you need. You may require total coverage during the summer season and partial shade during the winter. The partial shade will allow the light to pass through the patio and into the interior of the structure. To determine if you require complete shade, moderate shade or little shade, consider the climate of your area and the intended purpose of the patio.


The word awning basically refers to fabric patio cover backed by a metal frame. This shade material protrudes from a home’s side when it serves as a standalone or an attached roof patio. The type of fabric used to cover the awning determines how much shade the awnings can offer. If you opt for canvas, synthetic or heavy duty awning covers, they can offer you full shade. The most popular and inexpensive awning material is a shade cloth. However, this type of material can only offer partial shade.

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Attached roof patio

Opting for an attached roof patio is a good option to get complete shade. As hinted by its name, this light coverage material connects directly to home, commonly to the roof of the structure. Architects match the patio roof’s roofing materials to the home’s roofing materials so that the roof of the patio seems as an extension of the home. The covers of the attached roof patio comprise standard roofing materials such as plywood sheathing, joists, and a roof covering including shingles. The interior of an attached roof patio gets full shade at midday.

Fixed roofing panels

Fixed roofing panels also known as the corrugated roofing board has a known and wavy visibility.

There are two kinds of vinyl and metal fixed roofing boards. Both the panels are easy to install and are inexpensive. These roofing materials are perfect to have total shade. Metal panels and solid colour vinyl panels offer complete shade to the beneath of the patio. However, you can choose ultraviolet protected panels, opaque panels, and translucent boards among vinyl panels. Translucent boards let full sunlight enter a patio and prevent the elements from entering the patio area. On the other hand, opaque roofing boards offer a filtered light and offer slight shade and extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Tables with umbrella

Table with umbrella are available in different styles and colour to match any decor. You can find them in a variety of price ranges to fit into your budget. You will  receive necessary seating for your company from table and chair while you can get shade and protection against the sun from the umbrella. Therefore, you can enjoy the outdoors truly. You can find out many table sets that can fit an umbrella. However, not all table sets come with umbrellas. Therefore, you need to buy separate umbrellas for sun shades.

Exposed beam patio

Wooden beams cover exposed beam patios. The most basic exposed beam patio comprises a set of horizontal beams and upright posts overstepped with a grid like patchwork of smaller timber. The empty area between beams, posts, and other timber remain open to the sky and let direct sunlight penetrate the patio area.

These are some of the examples of materials that provide coverage against sunlight. Take a look into them and choose which best suits your needs.


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