Get to know about In Vitro Fertilization

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Fertility problems are a major setback for most females. There are various treatments and therapies to this problem. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the best treatment to certain problems arising due to infertility. As far the IVF is concerned it’s a safe way of dealing with certain infertility problems, moreover it is , modern day science that helps develop such processes which were in no minds about a decade ago. The process that involves fertilization outside the woman’s body is IVF. In this process a woman’s eggs are removed by surgery and fertilized under laboratory conditions artificially by using sperms from the sperm of the many sperm samples collected. Then the fertilized egg known as the embryo is implanted inside the woman’s womb. Generally, a cycle of In Vitro Fertilization takes between four to seven weeks.

It’s not assured that In Vitro Fertilization will always result in pregnancy.As per the statistics, about 20 to 25 percent of IVF treatment on Gold Coast  successfully resulted in pregnancy. Yet it’s not sure that those which haven’t been successful yet can’t give it another try. Success rates increase with the increasing number of IVF cycles. If it doesn’t produce pregnancy in the previous goes, the woman always has a chance of giving it another try. There are no harmful effects or introductory risks in multiple trials of IVF cycle treatments.

Generally, IVF is best suited for younger women, though it’s also applicable for more elderly women also. But the success rate decreases drastically in women aged above their forties.There are some physical and emotional effects of IVF as well. IVF treated persons go through extreme depression or severe anxiety during the period of IVF. Hence, the patients undergoing the IVF should make sure that they seek counseling to help cope up with the emotional impacts of the process and its results.

There are other risks involved in IVF too. There is an increased chance of multiple pregnancies which can cause health risks to both the mother and children as twins or triplets expected to be born prematurely which would lead to them being underweight at birth.

The powerful medication prescribed to facilitate the stimulation of ovaries during IVF can result in ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS), which leads to enlargement of ovaries and may even lead to abdominal discomfort. Some other more severe cases can even cause breathing problems, fluid retention’s in abdominal region. In such cases the affected woman might be hospitalized.

When eggs are removed from the woman, a very thin needle is passed into the vagina and ovaries for the surgery to take place. This might lead to a risk of introducing infection into the body of the woman. Well the infection is very rare as the antibiotics are surgical hygiene to ensure it.

As far as IVF is concerned, it’s a sophisticated yet a fruitful and reliable method to cope up with the growing problems of infertility in the women folks. Many a woman has tried it and many a more are still trying it. It has brought happiness to many families.


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