Get the Best Benefit from Your Anti-Aging Cream

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Anti-Aging CreamA cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles – is it possible? Well, many skin care products do claim to achieve this. Keep in mind, you cannot stop your age; you need to focus on how to reduce the effects age has on your skin. Before you buy any anti-wrinkle product off the shelf, you need to understand a few points.

Points to Consider

Just because a formulation works for your friend does not mean it would work for you too. Different people have different skin types; moreover, other factors such as health and lifestyle also affect the way you react to a beauty treatment.

Only regular use can provide results. The topical formulations can only offer perceptible results if you use them regularly. The reason is simple; the non-prescription products contain lower doses of anti-aging components.

The costliest does not necessarily mean the best. The effectiveness of the anti-wrinkle beauty product is not related to its cost. You may benefit from a much less expensive product if it suits your skin.

Be careful of the side effects. Many individuals are allergic to certain components in beauty products. If you fail to recognise a potential allergen in a product, you may have a bad experience. It is best to read the label carefully before you use it.

The active ingredients and their concentration determine the effectiveness of the product. Just the presence of the right ingredients would not do, if they are in minuscule proportions. Make sure they are in adequate amounts too.

Components to Look for

Now that you have an idea about the points to keep in mind, it is time to check out the ingredients that can help aging skin.

  1. Retinol – a vitamin A derivative, this antioxidant neutralises the free radicals that break down skin cells and lead to wrinkle formation
  2. Coenzyme Q10 – a nutrient that prevents sun damage and reduces fine lines around the eyes
  3. Hydroxy acids – synthetic acids derived from fruits, these act as gentle exfoliants to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth
  4. Tea extracts – black, green and oolong varieties contain both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties
  5. Kinetin – a plant growth factor, this works as a natural moisturiser that also stimulates collagen production

It is a good idea to opt for natural skin care products that contain these active ingredients to reduce the age-related skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, spots and patches.

Make it an Inclusive Effort

The anti-aging product would have no considerable effect on your skin if you do not lead a healthy life. A balanced diet with essential nutrients can do wonders for your body. It can also do wonders for your skin. Nutrition is necessary for your body and your skin.

Regular exercise is important for your skin’s health and beauty as well. When you exercise, you sweat. This carries off the impurities and dirt deposits away from the skin. Just make sure you shower afterwards to wash off this debris.

Protect yourself from the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun speed up the aging process of your skin. This leads to lines and wrinkles as well as uneven skin tone. Stay away from the sun; if you cannot, wear generous amount of sunscreen.

Use a natural moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Dry skin leads to the shrivelling up of plump skin cells; this, in turn, leads to wrinkling. Moisturisers can mask fine lines with ease too.

Quit smoking. This habit results in lower collagen and elastin, the elements that keep your skin smooth and firm. This also results in constriction of blood vessels in the epidermis. This can lead to lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.


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