Get creative… Be inspired by your Jewellery and get creative with nail art

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Flower nail art Get creative… Be inspired by your Jewellery and get creative with nail art


Why not stand out from the crowd by customising your nails to match your jewellery. It seems to be a latest trend to catch on and what better way to get creative, then on your nails. Let’s face it you have to look at them most of the day, especially if your job involves typing away most of the day in an office. So why not invest some time into making your nails look unique and beautiful.

Unleash your personality, the latest trends and colours and even what mood you’re in by designing unique nails. You can create your own original patterns with all types or colour shades and even glam it up with glitter, an instant way to bring life to any outfit and it even matches your jewellery.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to using a nail art pen but once mastered the end results can be pretty impressive. I would firstly pick out your nail base colours, perhaps match the colours to the gem stones in your jewellery. The background nail colour could be silver or gold dependent on what type of jewellery you go for. Then paint intricate lines onto your nails with the pen using your jewellery to copy from and be creative with design and build up layers of colour. Why not start with heart and flower designs to teach yourself how to have a steady hand. Then once you’ve graduated from this why not try a tribal print or even add some glued gems to the design to complement your jewellery perfectly.


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