George Martin: The Fifth Member of the Beatles?

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Over the years, there have been several people that have been thought of as the fifth Beatle. Of course, they would be joining John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The four of them make up perhaps the best-known band in musical history. Pete Best, the drummer that was replaced right before the Beatles became successful, is considered by many to be the fifth Beatle. Their manager, Brian Epstein, is also thought of as the fifth Beatle by numerous people. It is because of his belief in the band that they didn’t die out long before they reached America. Stuart Sutcliffe, Lennon’s college buddy, played bass for the Beatles but eventually left to basically pursue a girl. He died about a year later, never to rejoin the band again. However, for quite a number of people, the fifth Beatle title should be handed directly over to George Martin.

Who Is George Martin?

George Martin had worked with other musical acts before he started working with the Beatles. He became their sound engineer and helped guide their recordings in an effort to make them massive hits, but also produce more unique music than anything else out there at the time. His almost fatherly guidance and training in classical music should not be ignored when talking about the reason the Beatles had so much success.

He Signed the Beatles to Their First Recording Contract

The Beatles had been turned down by just about every music label in Europe. In fact, some turned them down twice. Martin was approached by an enthusiastic Epstein and was convinced to give a listen to some of their songs. After listening to them for a few songs, he didn’t see much promise in the group, and only signed them mainly for the vocals that Lennon and McCartney produced together.

More than Just a Man in the Studio

Most of the Beatles’ orchestral arrangements and instrumentation were written or performed by Martin. Furthermore, he played the keyboard parts frequently in the early recordings. He had several groundbreaking decisions that gave the Beatles even more success, such as providing a string quartet accompaniment for Yesterday, against McCartney’s wishes.

Has George Martin Inspired You?

If the story of George Martin has inspired you to become active in the music industry, perhaps you should look for a sound engineer school to enroll in. There is a chance that you will be able to influence a future legendary band as well.


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