Funny Personal Injury Lawsuits

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There are some personal injury lawsuit injury cases that go through to the compensation level but leave you laughing out loud. The injury would be present, but it’s the absurdness of the lawsuit that leaves you laughing once you find out about their details. The plaintiff would get something out of the case but not as compared to the legal representatives who gain from simple cases that are hassle free. Here are a few that will leave you marveling and smiling.

An elderly woman sued the McDonald’s eatery after buying coffee there and it burned her. The restaurant that serves very hot beverage unlike the rest ended up awarding the woman $200000 because it turned down the offer to settle the case out of court. The best part is that as much as the woman sought 20000 in damages, she ended up getting 2.7 million as penal damages.

Another funny incidence involved a burglar in Pennsylvania who got trapped in a house that he broke into and had to stay there for more than five days eating dog food and Pepsi. He sued the owners of the home for mental anguish and the jury rewarded him with five hundred thousand dollars for the trouble he went through.

A New York claims examiner sued Newmark Realty and 40 Worth Associates for neglect after his thumb got injured as he was opening the door to the washroom. Yes, this really did happen.This examiner had used the bathroom and as he tried to open the doorknob, another person was pushed the door simultaneously which caused an injury that he claimed cost him six months of absence at work. The jury awarded him $3 million as well as $750000 for his wife.

Universal Studios was sued for extreme fear and mental anguish as well as emotional distress by a female who visited their Halloween Horror Nights haunted house. The lady sued the studios for $15000 claiming that the experience was too scary.

NBC was also sued for $2.5 million in 2005 by a viewer who claimed that one of its episodes of fear factor caused him injury, suffering and pain. He claimed that watching participants eat rats made him dizzy to the point of vomiting and he ended up running into a door. This case was dismissed for being perky. In 2006, Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight were sued for $832 million because people mistook him for the basketball player.

His claims were permanent injury, defamation as well as emotional pain and suffering subjected by the mistake. The case didn’t go through because the claimant dropped the case same year. There are a number of ways that people can use to make millions of dollars from petty cases and the above are just a few that have been reported before. There are some that occur, pushed to courts by different individuals with an aim of seeking justice for the injuries they claim to have suffered no matter how small and ridiculous they may be. As much as not all make it through, some end up costing the claimant.

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