Four Very Popular Games for Girls

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games 4 girlsChildren get bored fast, and they always need something that can hold their interest. Preferably for longer periods of time so that parents can catch their breath for a while. Sadly, most children spend much too much time on the computer, especially when the weather is unfriendly. Nevertheless games are no new concept, and it doesn’t take an expert to realize that children love it. Girls in particular are attracted by games with cute graphics, make-up, dress-up or love stories. This is why we have decided to talk about the four most popular browser games that girls are interested in.

Kissing Games

To adults it may sound a little funny to play these kinds of games, but for little girls it may very well be the most exhilarating moment of the day. Although every game is slightly different, the main concept is the same: you have to make the characters kiss when nobody is watching in order to fill the „Love Meter”. There are also a lot of thrilling kissing games like „Lovers Kiss” in which you also have to “woo” your partner before applying the smooch. An exciting kissing game was inspired from the Twilight series, and it is called „Twilight Kisses”. In it you have to help the main characters share their love, fight off the hungry vampires and also keep Jacob at bay.

Dress-up Games

Another very successful game type is Dress-Up. When we were little girls, we would ransack our mothers’ closets and jewelry boxes in order to dress like ladies. This no longer has to be the case, because there are literally thousands of dress-up games available on the internet. From celebrity models to princess gowns and fairy outfits, there is something for every taste.

Cooking Games

Cooking games are awesome for various reasons and they are also among the most popular games 4 girls. First of all it is an escape from the real world. Most mothers don’t let their little ones cook even if they wanted to, so why not do it in the virtual world? You can actually learn recipes, and a little bit about how to clean up the kitchen.

Virtual Animal Games

More and more people are discovering that animal games are not only entertaining, but also highly educational. Most parents are confident to let their little ones play such games, because in them you learn how to take care of pets, and as a result they understand more about the responsibility of having a pet. Moreover they learn about different species of animals, breeds and behavioral patterns. Thanks to the advances in technology, these games are very realistic. In other words the interaction between player and pet is more engaging.

All in all, girls’ games are usually created for fun, but they can also help your little angels learn more about the world. We recommend that you always check to see of the games are violent or if they might have a negative effect on their innocent minds.


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