Foods that people with HIV positive should take

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Although HIV positive people can live life like a normal person, yet because of their susceptibility to infections and diseases, they should take care of their diet.  If someone is HIV positive, he should understand the significance of eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep their condition at bay.

With low immunity, even the weakest microbe may cause major harm to their health. Proper HIV AIDS prevention and care are must for people with HIV positive. But maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet is also important to keep themselves healthy and treat the disease effectively.  A nutritious and balanced diet is as important for a HIV patient as medicines they are taking.

Here is a list of the best foods that the HIV patients should eat.

Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are considered as energy-giving foods. An HIV patient must ensure that his diet is rich in complex carbohydrates such as legumes and grains. However, they should avoid taking simple carbohydrates like soda and candy. When it comes to complex carbohydrates, they may consider foods such as pasta, white bread and potato as these foods contain nutrients. Moreover, they get absorbed slowly which helps to sustain them while they are between meals.

Proteins – These are the building blocks of cells, organs, muscles and on top of all, immune system. Thus they are the most important parts of an HIV infected individual’s diet. If the body doesn’t get regular and required supply of protein from the foods, it will start using stored up protein and as a result, the body as well as the immune system will get weakened. Therefore, HIV positive patients must intake an average of 100 grams of protein a day.

Fat – Protein builds and strengthens body, while carbohydrate gives required energy. Fat helps body to store energy that can be used later. Usually, for the HIV positive individuals, doctors don’t recommend a fat intake of more than 30% of total daily calorie intake. 7% out of this 30% should be saturated fat obtained from foods such as milk, meat and butter, and the rest should come from fish, seeds, nuts, soy and canola oil. So the patients should follow their doctor’s recommendation. People with HIV positive often experience an increase in cholesterol level owing to different medicines they take. Thus it is very important that they take care of fat consumption.

Calorie intake

To maintain an overall health and appropriate weight, HIV positive individuals must be careful about HIV AIDS prevention and care. Besides, they should be watchful about their calorie intake. These people, usually, are required to increase their calorie intake to maintain weight. They should intake at least 17 to 20 calorie per pound per day. The calorie intake should be increased to 30 calorie in case the patient is losing weight.

Food Safety

When it comes to wellness of the HIV positive people, health safety plays a very important role. They should be attentive about the food safety rules. They shouldn’t eat spoiled or stale food. They must wash all vegetables and fruits well before consuming. They should use separate cutting boards for vegetables and meats/fish. They must wash them regularly with soap and water. Also, they must wash their hands well with liquid hand wash after using washroom or changing diapers.

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