Five Steps to Baby-Proofing Your House

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childproof your homeHaving a new baby, especially your first, can be a stressful time. You want to be sure that every detail is in order so that your baby is as safe as he can be. A big part of doing that is baby-proofing your home. When it comes to turning your home into a place with the fewest possible risks to your infant, you’ll need to keep in mind everything from objects the baby could choke on to the general security of your home. No matter how much time you put into keeping dangerous objects out of your baby’s reach, that effort is nothing if you cannot keep your child safe from intruders.

Here are three important things to keep in mind when baby-proofing your house:

1. Water: There are a few water-safety principles to keep in mind. The first is that young children are fascinated by water, so you want to protect her from any sources of water you may have in the house. This includes leaving your toilet lid down and, as your baby becomes a toddler, installing a lock so he cannot get into it on his own. The other important thing to keep in mind in terms of water is to turn down your hot water heater so that the maximum temperature of your bathtub and sink is a safe heat level.

2. Block dangerous areas: Another key to baby-proofing your home is to keep an eye out for risks and install barriers that keep your baby from that risk. One example of this is putting doorknob covers on doors that your baby should be unable to open. Another is to put a hearth cover on your fireplace so that your baby is never at risk of falling into the fire. You should also install gates at the top of your staircases, since a child can be seriously injured falling down stairs. It will take some time to think of and block all risks in your home, so give yourself some time to spot them before your due date.

3. Protect your baby from outside forces: When your home is at its safest, the electric outlets all plugged, the cabinets child-safety locked and so on, intruders to still pose a risk to your baby and the rest of your family. Home security by Vivint will add another dimension of safety to your life, so that nothing, whether internal or external, can hurt those most important to you. You can look up security companies in your area but make sure you read the reviews of the company. For example search “Vivint reviews” and see what people have to say about the company.  If you plan on looking into Vivint, you should contact a local division, such as Hampton VA Vivint home security and home automation to get the best set up for you area.


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