Five Awesome Bubble Games you Should Try at Least Once

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bubble shooter gamesBubble games are based on one of Atari’s most popular games called „Bubbles”. The aim of the game is very simple, and easy to operate. Although they might seem very childish, there is something very addictive about them. Most of them involve nothing more than shooting bubbles, or rearranging them, but there is something simply magical about the task. Bubble games have millions of fans all over the world, and they are the perfect example that simple things can also make you happy. Today we give to you our top 5 free, online bubble games.

  1. The Original Bubble Shooter Game can be found on every site which also has a section dedicated to bubble games. The only way to pop bubbles is by finding combinations of at least three of the same color. Another rule in the classic game is that walls are like mirrors, which means that the bubble you are shooting will bounce off of it. Following the example of this amazingly awesome game, thousands of other games appeared.
  2. Bubble Trouble also known as bubble struggle is one of the best bubble shooter games available, especially because it is unique. First of all you should know that it can be played in multi-player mode. You start with one or two bubbles, which split into smaller bubbles when they get shot. You can pop them once they have reached their minimum size. Although it sounds easy, the game is actually very difficult and if you are prone to addictions, you should avoid it.
  3. Jungle Shooter is another popular candidate for our top five list. It is not just a bubble game, but also an adventure that was very well thought out. First of all, the graphics are a lot better than the ones of other online games. By matching fruits you will manage to pop bubbles and advance through the levels in order to unlock secret locations
  4. Shields of Gemland has managed to put a twist into bubble games, and it is also what inspired the development of Jungle Shooter. Developers at also added some new features, like shields or items that fall from bubbles, and adventures between levels.
  5. Woobies is a disturbing game in which you have to pop cute looking furry monsters. Although in other games you shoot from a cannon, in Woobies you get a slingshot with which you catapult the fury little creatures. The game is very fun and if you advance to the next level you will get even more cute woobies to blow up.

We cannot end the top without at least mentioning the classic „Bubble Bobble” which was released in 1986 by Taito. In the game you play a dragon (or two) with which you have to blow bubbles, trap enemies in them and advance through levels. Nevertheless there are so many types of bubble games that we’ve completely lost track. The best way is to play them yourself.


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