Five Alternative Ways to Get Your Exercise

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From overcrowded gyms to exhausting runs, many health enthusiasts are at their wits end when it comes to staying fit. Even the most exciting exercise programs will become stale, but that does not mean that anyone needs to let their health slip. There are a number of great alternatives that will burn calories, improve metabolism, and even tone muscles without the traditional exercises. Here is a closer look at five of the most popular choices for alternative exercises that can be done almost anywhere.Five Alternative Ways to Get Your Exercise

1. Head Outdoors

Few places are as health-friendly as the great outdoors and there are always activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Best of all, many of these activities are completely free or low cost once the basic equipment is purchased. Some of the most popular options include hiking, trail riding, kayaking, and rock climbing. For those that really want to put their body to the test, backpacking can burn thousands of calories a day while still remaining enjoyable. Be sure to bring the necessary tools such as a first-aid kit, automatic knife, and water bottle.

2. Transition to Technology

Video games and video game consoles are no longer for kids, and more people than ever are now turning to this technology to get in the best shape of their lives. A number of consoles now offer games focused on fitness and exercise. These games utilize balance boards, cameras, and motion sensors to turn strenuous activity into an interesting challenge.

3. Learn a New Sport

Nearly every sport has entry level leagues, and this is one of the best places to get in a few hours of exercise a week without heading to the gym. From co-ed soccer leagues to beach volleyball, these leagues are extremely popular and are available to all ages and skill levels.

4. Maintain Your Own Property

Whether it is chores in the home with one’s family or a Saturday spent outside maintaining the property, there are a number of simple projects that can be carried out that will burn as many calories as an average workout. Some of the most effective options include mowing one’s lawn, painting interior or exterior walls, trimming bushes, and vacuuming.

5. Ditch Cars and Elevators Whenever Possible

While it is not always practical to leave the car at home, those that make it a point to walk as much as possible could burn hundreds of extra calories a day. This includes taking the stairs whenever possible as a quick way to boost the heart rate. Even adding in a few steps each day could keep one’s heart rate boosted throughout the day.


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