Finally A Dietary Supplement That Works : How HGH Can Help Shed Pounds

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human growth hormone

For a century people have been trying to find the magic pill that will make it possible to lose weight without having to put much effort into the process.  Most people do not want to have to make changes to their diets to lose weight, and they do not want to put in the time to exercise as part of their daily routine.  With HGH supplements, people have the answer that they are looking for, though no one pill will cause weight loss without some work.  With HGH it is possible to speed up the process of weight loss and start looking good faster than ever before.

What is HGH?

HGH, or human growth hormone, is a hormone that the body naturally produces in order to regulate the growth of the body and a person’s metabolism.  When used properly, HGH helps to make up deficiencies in the chemicals that the body makes on its own, and can help people with health problems lead a much fuller life.  Studies have shown that HGH levels in obese people are much lower than the levels in healthy people, so ne way to normalize the size of the body is to add an HGH supplement to the regular activity of an obese person.  Understand that HGH injections are governed by the FDA and the FTC, and they have not been approved for weight loss, but a supplement that mirrors the effects of HGH are perfectly safe and are sold over the counter at most drug and grocery stores.

How does HGH help?

There are several ways that HGH helps in weight loss for the obese.  First, the supplement spurs pituitary gland production and gets more hormones produced for the body.  These hormones help the body to be more effective in the way that it handles the intake of calories, so the calories are burned through normal activity more quickly.  Second, HGH increases the body’s ability to recover after a workout.  This is the same effect that steroids have, except that HGH is a naturally occurring substance in the body.  This is also the main reason why HGH has been banned in athletic competitions.  Finally, HGH helps the body to gain even more lean muscle.  The more muscle the body has, the faster that it burns calories when at rest.  A small increase in the muscle mass of the body will have a significant impact on calorie burning in the long run.

Is HGH enough?

It is wrong to assume that HGH is enough to get an obese person down to a normal size.  What HGH does is make the normal tasks that an obese person does more effective at burning calories.  An HGH regimen is a good start, and the weight loss that an obese person will see from just using HGH supplements will be a good motivator to get them up and exercising or making changes to their eating habits in order to make their weight go down even faster.  HGH should never be considered the perfect solution to weight loss, but it is a magnificent tool for the obese to use in order to get started on their weight loss journey.

Diet pills have been around a long time, but none of them have ever done what they promised without some kind of severe side effect.  As a naturally occurring hormone in the body, HGH does not require the introduction of harmful chemicals or substances that will cause serious health problems.  For the obese, HGH is a good stepping stone to move towards a healthier life.

I am Dylan Thompson, personal trainer and nutrition consultant.  I work with the obese and morbidly obese on a regular basis, and I have seen the devastating effects of too much fat on the body.  I recommend HGH for weight loss because it helps the obese see results a little faster than they otherwise would, and it helps them get the confidence that they need to meet their weight loss goals.


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