Fiberglass Utility Bodies Converting Pickups to Vans

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Industry often forces us into making tough decisions when purchasing a pickup. Mass production and economies of scale assume one size will fit us all. If we need something unique, the dealer offers us a glass fibre canopy. “If your load is big,” they say, “just take the canopy off to make the delivery”. This is hardly a solution in its capacity as a fiberglass utility body, when we need something approaching the convenience of a utility van.

Few Can Beat This Choice in Its Capacity as a Fiberglass Utility Body

Few alternatives compete with a transferable module as a fiberglass utility body. There are some neat alternatives on the market. The best ones feature easy slide-on systems, and patented lockdowns that greatly enhance the security of the load. Some military units favour them because they can switch service bodies to suit applications. This means they need fewer pickups for routine operations, and that is a saving for us all.

  • Lower profile options are great for transporting light loads over longer distances. You get improved gas consumption. Moreover, the vehicle slips easily under low garage doors and into underground parking lots. This could be the first choice for a land surveyor, or a technical salesperson with samples to show. The rugged construction adds security to the load.


  • Perhaps you need more interior height, so you can climb right inside and secure the load. In that case, there are grown-up examples with the same interior height as a panel van. You save on costs, and can easily afford the optional rollout sliding floor that brings the load closer to you. You can also remove the fiberglass utility body when you want an open truck. Try doing that with a panel van!


  • However, there could be nothing to beat a removable work environment, in its capacity as a fiberglass utility body you can remove and substitute. I have seen some offerings with accessories including ladder racks, interior shelving with optional sliding drawers, and even convenient underfloor storage. Few panel vans compete with this quality especially given the price differential.

Tips When Considering Purchasing a Pickup

Most mobile trades cut the cost of the basic vehicle, and use the savings to afford a fitted-out fiberglass utility body. Much the same applies when purchasing a new or used vehicle. Ask the utility-body dealer which vehicle is best, among those you are considering in its capacity as a fiberglass utility body carrier.


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