Fat Injection For Breasts

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Fat Injection For BreastsThe reason for the popularity of the cosmetic surgery is the fact that it is one of the fastest solutions to the beauty problems of your body. Among the different types of cosmetic surgery it may be said that it is breast augmentation which is most popular. But other options that are also been explored to have more natural feel and fat injections for breast     seems, to many, as a good idea. For those who are going for breast lift surgery this kind of treatment is mostly recommended.

What is Breast Fat Injection?

It is a kind of injection that is often applied on the breasts that have got sagged as an effect of pregnancy, breast feeding, and aging or is a hereditary problem. But it must be remembered that it is always suggested as a secondary procedure. Experts in breast surgeries say that after the breast lift surgery this injection is often recommended. The intention behind this enhances the overall appearance of the breast and the feel should be as close to natural breasts. With fat injections for breasts it is often found out that they have been softer and supple in feel which according to many women is a more satisfying feeling.

You need not has to go to the Botox versus fillers controversy regarding reconstruction of the breast through fat injection because this technique is not a new age phenomenon. Plastic surgeons are of the opinion that the practice of transferring fat to the breasts has been in vogue since 1895 though the results have been hugely variable as different methods and techniques have been applied with time. These days fat injections are applied to the breasts in such a way that the results of the injection seems to be permanent.

Botox versus Fillers

For breasts that has got sagged with time and ageing they are obviously in need of breast lift surgeries and Botox or fillers are often recommended with time which is again the other name of fat injections to bring back the youthfulness of the breasts. Botox and dermal fillers are actually used on the skin in the form of injections for working on the effects of ageing on the skin like wrinkles. The question of Botox versus fillers is often associated with fat injection for breasts because of the fact that both of them has side effects and fat injections for breasts also seem to have the same effects.

Hi! I am Lara Simpson a model from Utah. I had thought of going for breast lift surgery and hence learnt a lot about the related surgeries with it among which I came across the Botox versus fillers comparison with fat injections for breast which is still now quite under controversy about its side effects.


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