Fashion Tips when Shopping in Big & Tall Men’s Clothing Stores

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It’s not always easy to dress yourself up when the bulk of your wardrobe is purchased in regular stores instead of big & tall men’s clothing stores. You could end up looking unkempt and feeling uncomfortable too. However, no matter your size, you can look sharp no matter your size, simply by heeding these fashion tips by industry experts.

  1. Dress for your body. Lots of people make the mistake of buying clothes for their ideal body shape and size. While buying a particular shirt in a smaller size can help motivate you to keep to your diet and your workout regimen, it makes a lot more sense to buy clothes for the body you have now.
  2. Make sure your clothes fit properly. This means that the clothes drape over your frame nicely, without any wrinkles, bulges, or sections of sagging cloth. These imperfections are magnified when you’re big, so it doesn’t do much good when you buy clothes in overly big sizes in an attempt to disguise your size. Also, a better fit makes you feel more comfortable, so you look better simply because you’re more confident and at ease.
  3. Try to keep the colors and patterns simple. Busy graphics and patterns can attract attention to the wearer. Balance your shape by sticking to simpler looks. Solid patterns are always good, and you can try a little variety with paisleys, very light stripes, and maybe even repeating crests. What you don’t want are heavy patterns such as large stripes.

Darker colors work better for bigger men too, since bright colors call too much attention. Your basic wardrobe colors should be black, charcoal gray, brown, and navy. When opting for other colors, stick with the darker hues. Say no to neon green and opt for military olive green instead.

  1. Go for lightweight fabrics. Prioritize getting lightweight cotton fabrics and go for wool instead of denim. The problem with heavier fabrics is twofold. First, they add weight to your frame, so you look bulkier than you normally would. The second issue is that with a heavier fabric your body heat is trapped, which may cause you to sweat excessively, which is never a good look.

Go for lighter fabrics. They drape over your frame better, and you’ll feel more comfortable as well.

  1. Minimalism is key. This should be your foundational fashion philosophy. You don’t want to wear too many clothes, and you certainly need to practice restraint when it comes to accessories and jewelry. With a minimal look, you reduce the additional weight that your clothes provide for your size.
  2. Use suspenders. Belts can be rather problematic with larger men, since your clothes can bunch up at the waist while they can slip off your belly. There will be no slipping off with suspenders, and the trouser front can look smoother.

These are guidelines and not hard and fast rules, but they can go a long way in proving your fashion sense. There’s no reason not to look good even when you’re big and tall—you just need the right clothes that fit you properly!


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