Facts About Laser Eye Surgery

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Summer is the perfect time to consider having ultralase eye laser surgery, as it allows you to really enjoy those late night BBQ parties, as well as feel confident in how you look. There are many scary myths and horror stories regarding laser eyes surgery that do the rounds, and this puts many off the procedure.

Here however, we dispel these myths and enable you to have the surgery worry free!

  • The surgery only takes three minutes per eye, so if you are a little sceptical then you don’t have to sit and bear the fear for very long. When people say it’s quick and easy, they really aren’t fibbing!
  • The surgery should be costing in the region of £4000. If it is much less than that price, you need to ask yourself whether you trust the surgeon or practice and possibly do a little more research. Eyesight is not something to gamble with.
  • Moving slightly or even blinking or sneezing has been rumored to affect the surgery. This is a complete fabrication. Most surgeons are experienced enough to be able to finish the surgery uninterrupted.
  • The laser used for this treatment is a UV light and one pulse of it removes a quarter of a hundredth of a width of a human hair, so it’s pretty precise!
  • Lasers cannot make you go blind. Roughly 0.2 per cent of the surgeries that take place have issues and these are always resolvable.
  • If you are over 65, have astigmatism or even long-sightedness, laser treatment can still work for you, so no one is exempt. It’s so clever, even reading vision in ageing eyes can be corrected with ‘Laser Blended Vision’.
  • Most patients can return to their normal routine the following day and should be able to drive, unless specifically advised not to.
  • Surprisingly, the laser used isn’t hot; a cool beam is used.
  • This treatment is completely painless. Sometimes, a patch needs to be worn the night following surgery and some patients initially experience slightly blurry vision immediately afterwards. Ask your surgeon for more specific common side effects.
  • Laser eye treatment will not prevent you from having cataract surgery later on in life, so there’s nothing to worry about there.

Hopefully these facts have helped dispel a few common myths and put you at ease, allowing you to go ahead and book the surgery. Don’t be afraid any longer – just take the leap and make 2013 the year you do those things you’ve been afraid of.

Tackle your fitness, keep a positive mental attitude and update your wardrobe whilst you’re at it and you’ll feel like a revamped individual.

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