Facebook Relationship Tips for Boys

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You really like her since years and have been a staunch follower on Facebook but hesitate in expressing your feelings? Well don’t really bother; this article unfolds tips which will ideally help in getting through the hassles at the start. Read on more to draw important advices.

Social sites and attraction developing on these sites is indeed very common in parlance. Especially talking about the Facebook, it’s a renowned platform amid students and professionals and has deeply perforated in their lives. Mark Zuckerburg himself could have never thought of the platform going viral at such a pace but undoubtedly it did. Facebook has tremendously seeped in our lives or we can say that we all happily accepted and absorbed it. Saying this that Facebook has evolved as matrimony site would perhaps not be wrong.

A get to gather with friends last weekend almost surprised me, when one of my college friends disclosed about her relation over Facebook, how she fell in a relation, found each other as a perfect match, and involved their respective families. To supplement all, she smilingly handed over her wedding card. Well this was a small incidence but it truly made me contemplate over the entire situation. After lot pondering I concluded that “It is not really bad to have a Facebook Love!”

Liking someone just after seeing the photographs posted on the Facebook wall can be amusing for the old generations but generation today not really hesitate in going and finding their partners. Developing feelings for someone reassures that you are growing normal, so don’t deter in your intentions.

Few tips below can definitely help in breaking the ice and know each other better.

Breaking the ice: – in case you hesitate in sending a “HI “to a girl you like, make sure you do now. Breaking the ice and initiating a conversation is very much important. This will help you in knowing each other, but this definitely not means that you keep on pestering the other person. Few words can be exchanged, let the other decide whether she is willing to continue the conversation or not. Just in case she is reluctant drop a humble message and move on.

Loop of conversation: –In case your Facebook friend replies you, make sure that you are instant in replying and initiate to develop amiable bond. Friendship is the first milestone. Don’t try to do things leaps and bounds, its life not a chapter to be read. Instead take your time and give enough time to her and let it pace up slowly instead of ending all in mess with fumes and ashes. Discuss about the like and dislikes, share the similarities you both have, judge each other in healthy way.

Past relation: –At times past becomes really ruins presents. Don’t ask about past relationships, if she is willing to share and keep things transparent as good friends then give a patient ear to all. This will increase the understanding level between both, along with transparency highly maintained. Also make sure past doesn’t really linger over the present and haunts it.

Bring families in to the conversation: – Bring families in your conversations; this will help both to know each other well. Talk about the orientation, family background, family members, culture and traditions. It somewhere will blur the line of “just friends”.

Plan meeting: – Meeting friends is not a big deal, so if possible plan some meeting and spend quality with each other. This will give a better picture of each other’s lifestyle. Go out for coffee, movies, casual walks, but make sure that you treat her as best friend. Refrain unnecessary and embarrassing situations as holding hands and others, mostly girls don’t like it. Be chivalrous, be a man and make her smile all the time she is with you.

A gentle proposal: –You have always liked her pictures, followed her status, restricted your feelings but now it’s a right time to bare your heart before her. Don’t pounce on her, but instead it has to be a gentle and humble proposal. Avoid doing it over phone or chat, in fact meet up and tell her about your feelings. Explain things well, as in similarities, your profession and how can she fill the void in your life; praise her for the virtues she has. The proposal might be surprising for her but look for expressions on her face; girls use their expressions and eyes as the biggest weapon. If she feels the same for you, take the relation to next level.

A family dinner: – Tell the entire situation to your parents. Plan a family diner where both the families meet up and know each other. Families are important part of decision making. Affirm that both families meet up to discuss things on next level.  Marriage is not just girl and boy tying knots but even families coming together.

Marriage, a holy and religious vow, is evidence to the way Indian society think. It is an important institution for Indians. Trend of arrange marriages is now reducing. Online sites are just a platform that bring individuals together but that’s not all, youth wishes to know the partner well before entering in to nuptial relation. This immensely helps them to know whether they are perfect match or not and helps in avoiding after marriage complications.

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