Exclusive Theme Weddings—a Quick Look

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Theme weddings have become quite popular these days. From beach weddings to Eco-friendly weddings – there are loads of options. Read the following guest post to know more.

With changing times, wedding traditions have also changed. Earlier restricted to home and hearth, today’s generation usually come up with novel ideas that include theme weddings. Indian weddings are characterized by vibrancy and bright and colorful clothes, dance performances, music and of course gala meals. A unique themed wedding would ideally uphold the personality of the couple and reflect their taste in every aspect. Everyone wants to make their wedding a memorable event. Themed weddings have gained immense popularity among Indians these days. Though still restricted to the upper strata of the society, themed weddings have become quite popular these days. Of late, the idea of Eco-friendly wedding destinations have picked among Indians. Some of the most popular Indian wedding themes include the following:

Village Weddings: Also known as rustic wedding, it is not necessary that such as wedding has to be held in a village. Usually people prefer a rustic setting that is created in a setting. The setting is usually decorated with earthen pots and lanterns and even other materials in order to enhance the rusticity of location. You can choose to serve the menu in banana leaves instead of normal crockeries. Welcome drinks can be used simple Indian drinks like shikanji.

Goan Wedding: Goan wedding refers to the cross cultural weddings. Famous for its beaches and clear skies, a Goan wedding is unique all the more because of its strong Christian culture. Those who want to opt for church wedding; Goa is probably the best place to be.

Beach wedding is another popular wedding theme to often spot in Goa. Home to some of the best beaches in India, Goa is definitely the destination for a beach wedding. The sun-kissed beaches or the beautiful sunsets would be witness as you exchange your wedding vows. The beautiful surroundings are bound to entertain the guests who attend the wedding.

Island Weddings: This is exclusively booked for the Richie rich. Those who want to exchange vows being amidst the exotic beauty of nature, then island wedding is definitely for them – where pristine blue waters seem to touch the sky at the horizon. Island destinations are just perfect for them. Islands of Lakshadweep and Andamans are some of the best places to opt for an island wedding. Havelock islands in the Andamans and Kavaratti Beach at Lakshadweep are popular for weddings. These destinations also double up as Eco-friendly wedding destinations as most of the events are conducted open air with little money spent on decorating venues.

Another major destination in this segment happens to be Kerala. The beaches and the backwaters make for a fabulous destination.

Rajasthani or Royal Weddings: Some want to add a touch of royal heritage to their weddings in order to make it more memorable. Many palaces in Rajasthan lent out palaces for weddings. Preferable locations include Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Arabian Nights Weddings: as the name suggests, Arabian Nights themed

weddings are inspired by the fairy tales

Arabian Nights Wedding Decor

Arabian Nights Wedding Decor

originating in the Arab world. Such theme parties transport guests into a world of magic carpets and mysteries. Exotic dances along with typical Arabian music enhance the beauty of such parties. Such parties are usually meant to generate a sense of exoticism and mystery. Golden does to flying carpets, every such decoration enhances the beauty of an Arabian themed wedding. One can also organize games inspired by Arabian Nights themes.

Nature Themed Weddings: Well, if you love nature and

have a strong inclination towards the environment, you can opt for a wedding at natural surroundings. You can choose open spaces such as gardens. Everything natural can be used to decorate the surroundings. From green stationary to organic foods and even-Eco-friendly wedding outfits—you can definitely choose to go green completely in order to enjoy a complete environment friendly wedding.

Western Weddings: As globalization becomes stronger, inte

r-mingling of cultures take place more often. People tend to experiment with new and a wide variety of ideas. Even an Indian bride can choose to wear a westernized wedding trousseau.

Eco-friendly Weddings: The latest player to join the bandwagon, Eco-friendly weddings has gradually started becoming more and more popular. In an Eco-friendly wedding, one can choose to go green completely. The bride and the groom can choose to opt for wedding dre

sses made out of materials like simple cotton or khadi. Decors can be simple with may be bamboo chairs and other such items. If you are hiring a wedding planner, ensure that he or she chooses recycled materials to decorate the entire surrounding. For example, you can use honeycomb and soya-bean candles rather the simple candles. Other items that can be included are linen cocktail napkins. These days’ people also opt for LED lighting at Eco-friendly weddings

. Last but not the least, flowers; Yes! seasonal flowers can work wonders at an Eco-friendly weddings. Does not only help in saving energy and also add on a completely different hue to the wedding place.

Therefore, if you plan to enjoy a gala wedding and want to plan for a theme wedding, now you know which themes to choose from.


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