Escaping the Spiral:Trent Reznors Triumphant Return from Drug Addiction

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Escaping the Spiral Trent Reznors Triumphant Return from Drug AddictionArt’s genesis all too often immolates the artisan.

Perhaps it’s by grace alone that the darkness of addiction that chained itself to Trent Reznor as the Nine Inch Nails founder’s symbiotic muse didn’t reduce him to ash. Perhaps it’s a miracle that the Nine Inch Nails catalouge isn’t but a eulogy to a man’s lost battle.

There’s no more grim, cliché parable than the common rock n’ roll lifestyle that “The Path of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom.” Alive at 47, Reznor could’ve well been among the fragile bodies that broke before reaching the palace steps. Whether the music begat the monster or the monster the music, Reznor’s making of Pretty Hate Machine began a journey that would become 1994’s album that truly began encapsulating the rule of drugs and alcohol over his life: The Downward Spiral. Depression and bouts addictions to cocaine, alcohol and heroin pervaded particularly Reznor’s lyrics to “Hurt,” the album-closing track later revived with tenderness over Reznor’s despair by Johnny Cash on American IV: The Man Comes Around.

Reznor is a relentless perfectionist in the recording studio. Like Kurt Cobain before him, he was also admittedly uncomfortable performing before massive audiences.

Already in a precarious state, Reznor at last found his tipping point. While touring in support of The Fragile, Reznor overdosed on heroin. Then came the 2001 gang-related murder of a studio technician friend. By that time, Reznor had seen enough.

He had known the Hurt too long.

Knowing that his friend’s murder had been not only gang but also drug-related, Reznor sought a complete rehabilitation program. He joined a New Orleans-based rehab center on June 11, 2001, and endured a terrifying cold-turkey path to sobriety. Through meditation and continued creation, Reznor has remained clean nearly 11 years after finally admitting that he needed help. He’s continued collaborations with such peers as Tool and A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan and Queens of the Stone Age. He’s also continued scoring movies and television shows, pouring energy into Nine Inch Nails, and producing solo works free from former label Interscope Records.

From humble beginnings, Reznor found acclaim with which he wasn’t ready to cope. With that stardom, he found self-medicating excesses. In those excesses, he found inspiration. As he fed the demons, so they whispered to him. As they whispered, so came the poison with the whispers.

With mortality and responsibility finally staring him down, he found a reason to not just survive, but live.

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