Enliven your pool with underwater spa lights

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If you have a swimming pool or spa in your home, you must be interested in decorating it in the perfect way. Underwater spa lights can enhance the brightness of your pool at night and also help to perk up your mood. Different types of spa lights are available in the market. You can buy simple white lights, color changing ones, fiber optic and solar powered scone. Simple white ones can be of standard incandescent as well as quartz halogen. Color changing ones have revolving color wheels inside the unit. You have to carefully select the right one for your pool to create the right ambiance.


Let’s check out the different types of lights that you can use for your pool:

Simple White Lights

The most cost effective lights that you can install for your pool are standard incandescent as well as quartz halogen. They help in the production of clear white glow. You can avail them in the wattages that range from 100 W to 500 W. You will find that most of the buildings need 12 volt lights as well as a transformer. You can easily get 100W – 300W lights in 12 Volt. However Watt lights like 400 W – 500 W are available in 120 volts and so they are often not permitted by the code. You have to check with your local codes as well as building officials for the acceptance of your lighting requirements. Simple white lights are also available with plastic color lens that produce a nice underwater effect for your pool.

Fiber Optic

You can also illuminate your spa or pool with these lights. They have a small wall fitting with fiber optic cable. Most of the pools need multiple fiber optic lights for illuminating pool surface in an adequate way. Their cable connections run back to a light generating box placed at a distance from the pool. A fiber optic box usually operates many wall fittings. However it depends on the total amount of fiber optic strands that the box will operate.

Color Changing Lights

They can be the most exciting items for your pool and they can put a spark in your spa. If you want you can get them for your spa and add zing to your pool surface. They have a color wheel controlled by a small circuit board. You can get several color changing lights in LED. LED lights offer different glows. You can control the lights by turning them off and on.

Solar Powered Sconce

You can buy this light to get a beautiful ambience beside your spa. It helps to create a warm soft glow for enhancing the set up of your backyard. It has absolute hassle free solar technology. You don’t have to take the help of electricity or battery while installing this light. There is an automatic photo sensor that turns the light on for 12 hours.


If you suddenly notice that your spa light is not working properly, you can replace the bulb or light reflector. However if you can’t mend the problem on your own, you can always call in an expert technician or electrician. A skilled technician can handle your repairing problem with ease.

Check out the various options available online and choose your desired light package for your swimming pool. Remember that lighting can turn your ordinary pool into a stunning backyard oasis. Get the best one and brighten up your pool ambiance.


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