Elvis Dzebic – How to Make Money From Playing Guitar

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We always lie to keep you informed with many different ways of which you can make money and today we are going to discuss the ways and means that you can make a living from playing guitar. There are few things better than making money dong something which you love and guitar playing is of course something that those who can do it, have a real passion for.

We’re going to assume that you have the talent to competently play the guitar but lack the cutting edge to be a serious rockstar or pop singer, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Me an my buddy Elvis Dzebic have been hustling with our guitars for a few years and both of us are able to make money from our hobby. If you want to do the same then here is how.

Guitar Elvis Dzebic   How to Make Money From Playing Guitar


Blogging is a great money maker regardless of what the topic is and one thing that blogmasters always to people who want to start their own blog is to pick something niche. The reason that they say this is because you are far more likely to gain a strong following with a niche subject and guess what, guitars fall right into that category. You can blog about playing guitar, favorite guitarist or even guitars themselves and you are guaranteed to find a hell of a lot of people out there who want to read about it. Once you have built up a following then you can start making money with affiliate sales and advertising income.


There are many people that would love to play guitar and if you have the patience then you can start giving out lessons. I give lessons each week and the going rate is $15 per hour, this is not only a reasonable rate for your customers to pay but also a good rat of income for you, especially when you consider that all it takes is an hour of your time playing guitar with someone.


Lessons don’t just have to be done one on one and if you feel confident enough in your guitar playing abilities then you could upload tutorials to websites like YouTube. The beauty with YouTube is that the more views which you can rack up, the more money you can make from advertising and the best part is that you only need to shoot the video once and then watch the money roll in.


Even if you don’t have what it takes to become a global superstar, you can still make great money form doing regular gigs, especially if you can find some weddings to play at. everyone loves live music and as long as you can play well and entertain people then you could fill up each of your weekends with local gigs. The salary that you receive from gigging won’t change your life but it is a much better way of making money than working in an office.

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