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Personal Trainer Brighton

Personal Trainer Brighton

Never skip breakfast. Especially if you are planning on working out. Exercising on an empty stomach won’t burn fat faster as many people think! It is true it can lead to weight loss, but in the long run, the body will actually be burning muscle (glycogen stored in the tissue) and will cause more damage than good. Some other reasons why you should never skip breakfast are:

1) Eating breakfast will kick start your metabolism earlier in the day –  meaning your body will start to burn energy earlier and at a quicker rate.

2) Eating breakfast engages your brain early – since the metabolism  has started working, it means the body has shifted into alert mode,which also means the brain will have to engage as a knock-on effect.

3) Eating breakfast will help prevent you from being so grumpy in the mornings – not eating breakfast means being hungry which more than often puts people in a bad mood. Eating breakfast will alleviate this, and your co-workers and colleagues will also be greatful.

4) Eating breakfast gives you a great opportunity to consume essential nutrients as early in the day as possible – eating fruit, yogurt and oats/muesli is easy in the morning as they are simple foods to consume and require little preparation. Get your 5 a day in early.

5) Eating breakfast sets a good example – if you have children, eating breakfast in front of them or with them should set a good example and lead them to do the same.

6) Provides you with energy to work out at lunch – if you are someone who exercises in their lunch break, not eating breakfast means you won’t have the same levels of energy that you would have if you had done.

7) Eating breakfast helps keep you fuller longer – especially if you eat low GI (glycacemic index) foods. This will in turn help prevent reaching for sugary snacks.

8) Eating Breakfast is cheap! – A bowl of cereal and some fruit in the comfort of your own home costs less than a few pounds. If you are predisposed to getting food on the go, especially at work, you can easily ending up spending five, six pounds on a take-away meal.

9) Eating breakfast is a good way of keeping tabs if you’re trying to lose weight – if you are doing this and you skip breakfast, you’ll likely eat more for lunch and it could throw your regimen out the window.

David Staffell, Personal Trainer Brighton and Hove. www.dsfitbrighton.co.uk


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