Drug Addiction, How Do I get Help?

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If you are addicted to drugs, finding help and recovering might seem like an impossible goal. It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the process of recovery, but you do not have to stop on your own. There are many resources available that can help you find the help and support you need to see a full recovery.

Finding help today is easier than ever. There are two main sources of support that are extremely beneficial to recovering drug addicts.

Finding a treatment method

When you know you no longer want to remain enslaved to drugs, it is time to seek recovery options. There are a wide variety of treatment options available, and you can find the right method for you. When considering options, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Drug recovery is not magic: There is no one solution that will suddenly make everything back to normal in just a few days. Everyone has different needs, and no one program will meet all of your needs. However, there are options that will provide better support than others.


ook for comprehensive treatment programs: Simply “fixing” the addiction is not enough. The treatment method should also address the other parts of your life, such as your health, career, relationships, and stress.

Commitment is important: You must remain committed with whatever treatment method you choose, even if it gets hard. Usually, it can take months or even years to see a full recovery. Even after treatment is over, years of support and follow-through are often necessary.

Help is everywhere: You don’t necessarily have to enter a medical facility or go to traditional rehab. There are many other forms of treatment that might be equally or more effective for you.

Where to look for help

You will need help from several different places to see a full recovery. Look to these areas to find the support you need.

Friends and family: Your friends and family can be big influencers in your recovery process. If you have let down your friends and family in the past, you can seek therapy and counseling together.

Social networking: Not the online kind. This kind of social networking is full of recovering addicts, just like you. Look to people who have recovered from drug abuse in the past who can help support you along your journey.

Medical centers: Medical centers can be the perfect place to detox. These centers will help make the process of detoxing easier and much less painful.

Rehab centers: In rehab, you will spend a few days, weeks, or months in intensive recovery. You will find a variety of treatments in rehab, including diet help, therapy, medical support, and coping tips.

Long-term support groups: These support groups can be extremely beneficial after you have broken the initial cycle of drug abuse. A long-term support group will help you maintain your commitment to drug recovery, even after you are exposed to the temptations and feelings that started you on the path to drug addiction in the first place.

So, where can you find help right now? You don’t have to look far. There are many support groups and hotlines you can call today that will start you on the road to recovery. The Internet offers many support sites that can point you to local sources of support. Drug Abuse.gov, is a government-run site that can help you find the right resources for you.

If you have determined to start your road to recovery, congratulations! You have accomplished one of the harder things along your recovery journey. Don’t let your motivation to recover pass you by. Continue your recovery by finding the right tools and people who can help you along the way.


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