Dress Up The ‘Pick Up’s’ in Style

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Dreaming of soaring sales of your products is perhaps the most talked about topic in the boardrooms. Corporates have made fresh inroads into the promotion and packaging segment in a big way. The idea is to make the products more attractive so that they emit positive responses from the customers.  The display of the shopping environment should be spunky enough to catch the eyes of the customers.

 Do I Look FUNKY In 10 Seconds!

The décor of the items displayed in retail stores should make the shopper unzip his crazy self. It implies that the design should be funky just like the customer wants himself or herself to be. You have very less time to impress an individual standing in a queue to have his trolley full of goods billed at the counter.

Aware Of Survival Secret

Graphic artists working for various FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands reveal that the basic ingredients of a particular product are given the maximum importance in the designing process.  Determine the USP ( Unique Selling Point) of your item and convey this in a simple and lucid manner to the designing team.  A streamline flow of interaction is a major prerequisite in this period.

Easy On The Eye

Earlier vibrant colors were used to fill up the racks and even the whole ambience at the counter.  But now soothing designs are in vogue.  Avoid visually jarring look in any retail space.  Peppy catchlines and jerky phrases are just some of the most important elements in today’s world of point-of-purchase packaging.  Hit the right chord with the psyche of the dedicated customer base. It is the key to a guaranteed success in this field.    

Know Thy Brand Factor

When the customers are able to identify  certain phrases or images with a particular product, half your job is done.  Now you just need to garnish the finer elements in a judicious mix. Study the strategies of your competitors. Avail an outdoor media to cover the publicity of your brand after you have given an uber cool look to the packaging of different items.  All this goes a long way in establishing brand loyalty.

A Date With Difference

Your customers are always in search for something different in your brand and other brands as well. Grab this opportunity and dig deep into the making of a product say, an after shave lotion. Bring scientific researchers on board to dish out a curious fact which you might use as a strong marketing tool.

Buyers Hate Cerebral Stuff

Craft a short message in a very simple manner. It will reach a buyer more easily than a content heavy message. Study the changing trends of shopping minutely.  Customers can only make or break your business on any given day. The labels used in the packaging should have a chic look. Make the lids of containers out of interesting products other than tin or plastics. They can even be treated as collectibles.

Cook in the ‘Now’ Oil

The immediacy factor is highly significant while making a blueprint of your  point of purchase strategy.  The economy is abuzz with interesting ups and downs across many industries. Draw an inspiration from four wheeler manufacturers who display fall in the prices of their cars amidst shooting fuel prices.

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