Dora Games Can Have a Good Influence on Children

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dora gameMost of us have had amazing childhoods. Back in our days games like hopscotch, cops and robbers or ring around the Rosie were the highlights of our day. Most of our time was spent outside, playing and socializing with other children. Sadly, the children of today cannot escape from technology. From televisions to phones and computers, it seems that they will never experience childhood the way we did. Many parents worry about the detrimental effects that computer games might have on their kids. We think, that if they spend their time playing educational, or logical games, they will have much to learn.

One such game was inspired from American the television series „Dora the Explorer”. The cartoon is basically about the story of an intelligent and compassionate Hispanic girl called Dora Marquez, who travels around the world in the company of her purple backpack and anthropomorphic monkey, Boots.  From the very beginning, Dora the Explorer was very interactive because in every episode she has to solve quests and puzzles with the help of viewers. In other words, your child can learn more about the world, the Spanish language, healthy moral principles and friendship. We don’t know which was the first Dora game, but we can tell you a little bit about the types of Dora games that are available at the moment.

  1. Dora Farm. In this type of game your kid will have to complete tasks, finish chores, take care of animals and sell products. The game has cute graphics, and it is quite interesting. It will teach your little one a little bit about the value of work and compassion for animals.
  2. Color Dora. It is common knowledge that children like to color things, especially Dora. This is a great game that will keep them occupied, and you can even print their masterpieces and glue them to the wall.
  3. Dora Treasure. Search for hidden treasures, be in command of a pirate ship and learn about the many mysterious places on Earth. In Dora Treasure games your little one will have the chance to practice his intuitive and logic skills.
  4. Dora’s Friends. Dora has a lot of friends, all of which are remarkable young ladies. One is concerned with the protection of the environment, another one is passionate about animals, and they all have great hearts and sharp minds. There are many games with Dora’s friends which will teach your kid about the value of friendship and the important things in life.
  5. Dora’s Animal shelter. Take care of animals, feed them, love them, wash them and find them a new home. This wonderful game will help children better understand the suffering of animals and this will help them a lot in the coming years.
  6. Dora’s Cooking. With this game you will never have to worry about your kitchen becoming a mess anymore. Although most children don’t find it interesting to cook in real life, they are usually captivated with virtual games about cooking.

As you can see, there are many Dora games, and these are only a few from a long list. The main idea is that you can let your kid play Dora games because he will have a lot to learn and you won’t have to worry about aggressive or inappropriate content.


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