Does Your Level of Physical Activity Impact Your Academic Performance?

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Physical activity and academic performance go together like bread and butter. Research shows that regular physical fitness directly correlates to better academic performance. This was long held to be a social myth as a result of the “stupid jock” persona, but nowadays everyone knows that you can be on the baseball or football team and still get good grades. Even a little morning exercise can give you the energy you need to get through your first few classes and a little jog at night can give you the boost you need for an intense cram session. In addition, a light nighttime walk might even give you the crash you need when you want to turn in for the night. So, does your level of physical activity impact your academic performance? Absolutely.


For one, just like your body can get tired, so can your brain. After a multiple page paper or an all night study session, the brain can start to show symptoms of fatigue, which can include headaches, tiredness and even nausea. Studies show that a quick jog around the block or some weight lifting can effectively cure this “brain fatigue” that can make it impossible to continue studying. In fact, fatigue is actually common among college students, but nothing a good work out can’t fix.

Also, around the afternoon is when academic performance usually starts to wane. Just after lunch and after a few hours of running from class to class, the body can start to slowdown. However, it is recommended to do a few cardiovascular exercises that can pump blood and oxygen to the rest of the body to take it out of its slump and give you enough energy to last throughout the day. Not only will this wake the body and mind up, but it will also give college students a healthy dose of adrenaline and serotonin to keep your mood up too.

Research also shows that if you do a few quick repetitions or a work out in the morning it can pump you up with enough energy so that you can not only last through your first couple of classes, but also thrive and have better memory recall. A quick morning workout is the secret of many highly successful people. You can get your MHA online from UC, but if you don’t get up a few hours before you sit down to your computer to get to work, you might find yourself burning out before you know it. It can be hard to convince yourself to go for a morning jog or run, but after a few days of experiencing its effects, you will definitely think otherwise.

Lastly, the body is a miraculous machine. If we treat it right and make sure that our blood is pumping and our oxygen is flowing there is no end in sight as to what we are capable of. If you are a college student and want to increase your academic performance, the answer is actually quite simple. Having a dedicated physical fitness program will not only make you feel great, but it will also make you a better student and far more successful in life.


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