Do-It-Yourself Interior Decorating

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Decorating is hard enough as it is, but when you have kids or pets (sometimes there isn’t a difference) you tend to shy away from things that get broken or worn out easily. It’s probably the most logical thing to do, but there are some wonderful accents that you can add to just about any room without worrying if they are going to break, rip, shatter, or stain. You might be thinking, well sure, but at what cost? The good news is that although traditionally it costs more for kid-proof, there are ways to have the designer look without the designer price tag.

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A great way to bring a room together is with flooring. If you are like me, you probably can’t just redo your floors due the heavy traffic in your home and also the cost. Carpets and rugs do a wonderful job of bringing color and personality to a room without having to block off a room for several days or spend thousands of dollars. I found the perfect sisal rug that is great for rooms you want to give a more modern, relaxed, and “beachy” feel. Sisal is a type of plant fiber, and it usually is a beautiful tan color, but the fibers give it the look you are going for. Sometimes, stores don’t call it sisal, but they will refer to it as sea grass, natural fiber, tweed, or jute. The rug I found was over $400, but you can get the same result at a fraction of that cost by doing a little of the work yourself. Typically, actually sisal is super expensive, but carpet and furniture stores sell synthetic or wool versions that look exactly the same, and are actually more durable and don’t have the fading issue like the real deal! Start by finding the “sisal-looking” rug that is large enough for the room you are revamping.

I found a rug that I thought was the perfect size. It is a wool weave, made to look like sea grass, and only $40. The reason I chose a wool weave over a synthetic or the real thing is because wool actually does much better with stains, and is incredibly durable. The only problem with the rug I found is that it had a puke green ribbon border, and the room I wanted to put this in was more of a faded teal color. I put my thinking cap on and decided I was just going to paint the border!

To get started, all you will need is a sponge paintbrush, fabric paint in the color you need, and painter’s tape. Lay the rug outside or somewhere you don’t mind a little paint on it. Tape off the ribbon border on all sides, including underneath so you don’t miss the edges. Make sure you really press the tape down for optimal adherence, that way you don’t get paint on your new rug! Now, start painting! The nice thing is that the border is grosgrain ribbon, so it is really absorbent and durable. You should only have to apply two coats of paint at the most! Once the paint has dried, you will have the perfect rug that is perfectly matched to your room. Rest assured, this rug will stand the test of time (and kids and pets).



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