Different Types of Illegal Weapons Charges

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Owning or carrying weapons that are considered deadly or unlawful without proper licensing is an intense criminal offense. There are various fine distinctions to the laws with regards which weapons are unlicensed and the penalties involved with a lawless weapons charge.

The issue of buying and possessing weapons in the USA has been a flexible a very tough case for many people. Most of them understand that it is legal to buy and own firearms for personal safety and hunting, but many don’t know where the thin line draws between the legal and illegal weapons and the laws regarding ownership.

It is very essential to learn and understand the certain laws in your state and comprehend that weapons possession laws differs in every locations. If an individual is busted while carrying illegal ammunition, he may be accounted with serious criminal offenses.

Weapons that are considered illegal are the sawed-off shotguns, items that have been converted to become a deadly weapon, automatic weapons, switchblades, hollow-point bullets, brass knuckles, butterfly knives and other types of things that have been classified too risky for public use. If a person is caught with custody of such objects, he or she can be accounted with illegal weapons possession or face a weapons charges.

In most of the states, the location in which the person is caught with an illegal weapon plays a critical role in concluding what type of consequences will be charged. The type of weapon and the quality of weapons or ammunition in question will also be imperative in deciding a punishment. If the individual is busted with an unlawful weapon in an establishment that has a license to sell alcohol, the crime can change from an offense to a crime.

Here are the different kinds of weapons that are considered to be illegal:

1. Firearms, handguns, machine guns.

Any ammunition that is designed to dislodge a bullet, or other such item.

2. Club- an item structured to wreak bodily harm when another is struck by it.

3. Explosive weapon such as the bomb, grenade, rocket, mine, or other homemade device planned to blast.

4. Illegal knife

Any kind of knife with adouble edged blade and is longer than five and a half inches. Also, it includes swords, spears and other instruments that may be used to put someone’s life in danger.

5. Knuckles

It is equipment that is designed to wrap the fingers or knuckles in metal and maximizes the force of blows.

6. Chemical dispensing device

It is any kind of device that holds and excretes harmful chemicals in a way that may harm another.

7. Firearm silencer

It is a device that is designed to hush the sound of a firearm.

8. Con bombs or other things that are planned to frighten people.



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